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Hilbert Morales
One of the many benefits of living in a democratic society is the ability to choose our leaders and indicate our support for public policy. Having studied the candidates and measures, we all get to vote. Traditionally we become one mind because the majority opinion is one that we are willing to support and live with. Much faith, trust, and support for the good of the whole is required in a functioning democracy. The faith that helps us come together is the same faith that sees the path of diversity to unity. It is also the faith that believes that even when our selections might have been different, we can trust that there is more advantage in joining the majority than continuing to oppose. Those elected officials who place their partisanships and ideologies in the forefront end up not being the public servants ‘We The People’ need, and require, to promote the greatest common good.
EO recommends the following:
For President of the United States, Barack Obama (Democrat) will be challenged by Mitt Romney (Republican).
For Senator, vote for Diane Feinstein
For 17th Congressional District, vote for Mike Honda (D); for 18th vote for Anna G. Eshoo (D); for the 19th vote for Zoe Lofgren; for the 20th vote for Sam Farr (D).
For State Senate seats: 13th, vote for Jerry Hill (D); for the 15th State Senate seat, vote for Joe Coto (D).
For State Assembly Seats: District 24-Geby E. Espinoza (D); District 25-Pete “Primo” McHugh (D): District 27-Nora Campos (D): District 28-Paul Fong (D): District 29-Mark Stone (D).
For the various Central Committees, no recommendations are made.
For Superior Court No. 5-Paul Colin: No. 7-Cynthia A. Bevely.
For County Supervisor, District 2, Vote for George Shirakawa.
For County Supervisor, District 3, Vote for Dave Cortese.
For County Supervisor, District 5, Vote for Joe Simitian.
For City of San Jose, Council Member #2-Ash Kalra; Member #4-Tam Truong; Member #6-Pier Luigi Oliverio; Member #8-Rose Herrera; Member #10-Edesa Bitbadal.
County of Santa Clara, Measure A, Jail Management flexibility, Vote YES
City of San Jose, Measure B (Pension Modification), vote YES
West Valley-Mission Community College District, Measure C, Vote YES
Milpitas Unified School District, Measure E, $95,000,000 Bond issue, Vote YES.
Mountain View-Whisman School District, Measure G, $198 million bond issue, Vote YES.
Cupertino Union School District, Measure H, $220 Million Bond Issue, 2Vote YES.
EO readers are encouraged to do their own research to support their decisions. The above recommendations are based upon official records and statements provided by Registrar of Voters, County of Santa Clara (408-299-VOTE) and recommendations made by the League of Women Voters, a non-partisan very credibly objective information source.
If the U.S. Congress (both Senate and House) is to become effective legislative governance bodies, it is essential that Democrats achieve a super-majority (60 votes in the Senate and 290 votes in the House) in order to overcome current filibuster rules which enable a partisan Republican minority to obstruct legislation. Super-PACs which do not have to disclose the source of monies being expended. Every effort must be made to support the passage of the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which will restrict corporate sources of funding, for political campaigns. The Supreme Court ruling which provided corporations with the use of their monies as a form of ‘free speech’ has tilted the election process. In addition, special agreements, such as the one wherein Republicans acquire support if a pledge is made to never raise taxes, must become illegal since this agreement thwarts reasonable legislation.
Finally, when “We the People” pay for these infrastructures without a contribution from very profitable corporate activities, We the People are in fact, and in practice continuing to subsidize their business. That practice is simply unreasonably unfair.
Appropriate levels of government are required to protect the public from profiteering, greed, and abuse.
Hilbert Morales Publisher, El Observador


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