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Juan Carlos Miranda
Special to El Observador
My favorite season of the year is fast approaching (that would be Fall). Why would Fall be my favorite season you might ask? Well, because I get to wear all sorts of cool sweaters and jackets, not to mention coats, scarves and boots.
Also all designers present their new collections around this time of the year, so we all get to see the marvelous new styles and designs they have created. And you don’t have to be a style expert to know about new trends.
Now, I know not all of us can afford to buy new clothes for every season of the year or even every year. I know I can’t. But we can all get some inspiration in seeing the new collections, to adapt what we already have and put our own spin on the new looks.
Start by doing an inventory on your entire closet. If you’re anything like me, your closet must be packed with summer clothes like t-shirts, shorts, light jackets, tanks and jeans—yes, jeans are an all -year-round must have. As such you should have plenty of transitional garments to work with.
Once you know what you have at hand, you’ll know what you will need to make this upcoming Fall season a stylish success.
For example, one of the things that you’ll definitely need is a tweed jacket. If you don’t have one already, what are you waiting for? Go on and get one. You can pair this fabulous jacket with some of the new colored jeans you bought earlier in the year, and yes, you CAN wear color in the Fall, just do it tastefully.
Now is also the perfect time to bring back into your closet the sweaters and jackets you had previously stored somewhere else. Although designers are coming out with new items, the styles from previous years are similar, so you can re-use a lot of your old—and I use this term loosely—stuff.
A good way of reusing a lot of the items from your summer wardrobe is layering. You could definitely layer one of your old sweaters with a dress shirt and your tweed jacket, or pair your favorite jeans with a shirt, cardigan and a jacket.
Let’s talk about shoes now. If you are one of those people that bough a pair or two of summer shoes, like boat shoes, and don’t really know how to, or even if you can transition them into fall, then my friend you are in luck. We are all definitely lucky we live in such a beautiful place as California, where the weather lends itself for just about everything without it being too harsh.
For a casual day outside you could pair your summer shoes with a nice pair of dark jeans, one of your favorite tees, last year’s sweater and your favorite sports jacket. For a day at the office, trade the T-shirt for a dress shirt, a skinny tie and you’re ready to work.
So, have you gotten a few ideas on how to update your closet? Whatever you decide to do, be it that you decide to buy a new wardrobe or bring back some of last year’s items; the key is to always economize. Be smart and do the right thing but doing the right thing doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. Doing the right thing is spending the least amount of money while still staying fashionable.


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