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The Santa Clara County Library District is now offering, to its patrons, JobScout, an online social media platform that teaches people Internet skills and helps them find jobs online. The program is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the library’s website at
“We are pleased library patrons can enhance their list of digital resources with our library services,” said Lana Malloy, Library District Joint Powers Authority Chair.   “Santa Clara County Library District is providing a much needed digital tool for the unemployed to improve their job seeking efforts.”
As California’s unemployment numbers teeter around 11 percent of the state’s population, and Santa Clara County’s unemployment rate remains at almost 9 percent, facilitating digital literacy and Internet proficiency is increasingly critical for jobseekers hoping to gain employment.  JobScout users can apply their newly acquired skills to meet basic requirements and demands of today’s technological market.
“Looking for a job can be overwhelming in such a competitive and challenging climate,” said County of Santa Clara Supervisor Mike Wasserman. “We want to provide our residents support to develop invaluable computer and internet skills through services and tools within their reach, so they can apply what they learn to enhance their job search experience and results.”
Through its use of social gaming and web standards, JobScout is a safe and accessible entry point for users to educate themselves with digital literacy skills, making it easy to compile lists of jobs. An interactive journey through the essential skills and processes of the job search includes a custom résumè builder and built-in job search function. Users earn badges for completing lessons, from Internet browsers to creating social network profiles which they can use effectively while job hunting.

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