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San Jose CA.  
President & CEO Rosie Lauritzen of Latina owned company, B-Innovationss, announced the arrival of BILLO LED Bulb in the United States for distribution and marketing locally and worldwide.
BILLO International LLC, marketing arm of B-Innovationss LLC, has completed the worldwide marketing and distribution plan, through the web and the internet network distribution through Independent Distributors worldwide.  The plan enables every individual interested in networking and selling the BILLO LED Bulbs worldwide right from the comfort of their home, simply by registering with and becoming a franchise holder to market the BILLO LED  Bulb worldwide, as an Independent Distributor.  The system works whether you are in the office, at home or on the road, simply using your computer, laptop or i-phone.
No stocking of inventory is necessary.  BILLO maintains stock at its warehouses to service the Distributor’s customers at any given time, using the most efficient courier for shipment and delivery.
According to Rosie Lauritzen, BILLO Bulb is a completely new evolution in the LED lighting industry. It is designed to replace the Incandescent Bulb.  Its peculiar advantage over the other lighting bulbs (incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs) is it’s being a LED light bulb powered by COHS (Chips On Heat Sink) technology, developed in Taiwan by B-Innovations joint venture partner, Light Ocean Technology Corporation – a technology that enables the manufacture of the bulb at a much lower cost with a much longer lifespan.  Its lifespan is 35,000 operating hours, or longer, depending on the operating conditions.  A 10-watt BILLO Bulb replaces a 60-watt Incandescent bulb – tremendous saving on electrical consumption.  Rosie added BILLO’s motto is “Keep your money, change your bulb, and change your life”.

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