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Juan Carlos Miranda
Special to El Observador
As the days get shorter and the weather a bit colder, it serves as a reminder that Fall season is just around the corner. Wow, I really need to quit watching singing shows.
Fall has to be my favorite season of the year because there are just so many cool sweaters, jackets, scarves, coats and many other pieces you can layer up and look fantastic. Plus if you have indulged in a little too much recreational drinking over the summer, like I did, you can hide your bulging belly underneath your clothes without looking like a freak. Can you picture yourself wearing a trench in the middle of summer? Didn’t think so.
When people think about Fall clothes, they think of neutral, boring colors and this season that is just not the case. There are a number of cool trends you can rock this fall. They are fun, flirty and they are anything but boring. Let’s take a look.
Printed Jeans. Jeans are going to stick around for a very long time. I can safely say there is not one person who doesn’t own a pair of jeans and, like I have mentioned in previous articles, jeans are one of the few pieces which you can wear throughout the year. This Fall the classic jean transforms itself into a playful, fun version. Printed jeans are all the rage this season. They have different patterns, like leopard or floral prints, which you can combine with any of your favorite garments. As always, when wearing loud jeans— trust me, they’ll be screaming for attention—make sure to combine them with a neutral top and solid color shoes.
Sweater-Dress. Fall in the Bay Area can get a little chilly. As such it is important to have the proper pieces to combine with your new printed jeans. A sweater dress will do the trick. Sweater dresses are chic, comfortable and versatile. They fit every shape and size and they also come in different colors to reflect the kind of mood you’re in. Pair your sweater-dress with jeans for a casual look or, if you’re feeling flirty, just wear it by itself. However you decide to wear it, you’re going to look fabulous.
Trench Coat. You have to look your best even on those cold, rainy days of Fall. Designers have put a spin on the classic trench and have made them fun and flirty with a touch of sexy. Have you seen Nicole Scherzinger’s ad for London Fog?
Corduroy Pants. That’s right! Corduroy pants have made a comeback and they look cool. The new version of corduroy is thinner and with a better cut. They also come in all sorts of flavors to satisfy your every craving. Why am I thinking about food?
Slouchy Boots. These boots are comfortable and versatile. You could wear them with jeans, leggings, jeggings… well, you get the point. You could easily pair them with your flower-printed jeans, a cute sweater and your sexy trench, or a pair of leggings, your fav sweater dress and a leather jacket; the possibilities are endless.
Well there you have it. So the hottest, or should I say coolest, trends to follow this Fall. However you decide to wear them, make sure you always feel fabulous, because you already are. Until next week!


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