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Juan Carlos Miranda
Special to El Observador
This past Sunday my friends and I coincided in having some time off from our busy schedules and—the amazing artist that she is—Yuri was in concert at the Center for the Performing Arts in San Jose, so we decided to attend her concert. Let me just tell you, the show was amazeballs!
If you are familiar with Yuri you must know she is a huge icon in the gay community and just attending her concert was like stepping into gay central. Given that all gay men have a magnificent sense of style (and amazing bodies) you must think this concert was screaming fashion show! Right?
Wrong!! There is only one thing that is certainly true in the last paragraph and it is not in the second sentence. Somehow a lot of straight—and I use this term loosely but I won’t get into that right now—people have this erroneous notion that all gay men know how to dress, are overly flamboyant and promiscuous too.
Well, let me tell you. We are not all the same, as much as a lot of you may think so, and if you would’ve seen the people in attendance at the concert you would know why. I must admit, I even felt embarrassed at the things some of these people were wearing.
Now, why am I telling you this? Let’s just put it this way- there is a place and time for everything. Being that it was a concert, the one we were attending, there was a certain etiquette that had to be followed.
Rule #1 Dress to Impress
Depending on the venue and type of concert you are attending, there is certain decorum one must follow. If you are attending a ballet, the dress code should be black tie or formal. If it’s a Lady Gaga concert, you can go in costume or casual. But, if you are attending a Yuri concert, semiformal attire is required. Tank tops and caps are NOT considered semiformal.
Rule #2 Stay Current
Styles change overtime. They evolve and adapt to current times and so should you. Don’t get stuck in the nineties. Get yourself familiar with current trends, check them out and see which ones are right for you. Avoid running the risk of looking like a walking Polaroid.
Rule #3 Wear Fitted Clothes
By fitted, I mean they contour your body in the right places. Don’t try to squeeze your size 36 butt into some size 32 skinny jeans, unless you’re going for the “overstuffed chorizo” look.
Rule #4 Keep it Classy
Need I say more?
Rule #5 Respect
Style does not only show in the clothes you wear, but also in the way you carry yourself and conduct yourself in public. Being overly excited and en\ergetic while at a concert ,does not necessarily mean you have the right to shout inappropriate things across the theater while the artist is on stage trying to talk. There is only one word I can use to describe these types of people and that word is “tacky.” Respect everyone’s right to enjoy a good show.
There you have it, five rules to follow when attending a special event. I trust you will all use your good judgment when getting ready for your next concert. Hasta la próxima and don’t be tacky.

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