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Juan Carlos Miranda


How many times have you heard the phrase that says “You can’t wear white after Labor Day?”. Today I’m here to tell you ‘yes’, you can wear white after Labor Day and you should.

What we shouldn’t do is
subject specific colors to dates or special occasions. Being able to wear whichever color you want to that birthday party, baptism, or wedding (unless specifically required), you were invited to makes it a lot more liberating and fun.
Do this. Pair your nice white jeans with some sneakers, a t-shirt and a light cardigan for a relaxed day. ‘Amp’ it up a bit with a skinny tie that matches your kicks, and replace that t-shirt with a checkered shirt, and you have a winning office look.

Another trend that is no longer street related and has been making its way into the office with its edgy and rugged design is cargo pants. Wearing cargo pants at the office makes it fun, sexy and edgy when you know what you’re doing, because if you don’t, you run the risk of looking like a douche.

Do this. Pick a nice buttoned-up dress shirt, dark colored shoes (brown or black) and a matching tie to pair with your cargos. Ditch the shirt and tie for a statement t-shirt and dressy blazer for a bit more casual appearance.
One thing to always keep in mind, however, is to make sure your cargos are NOT baggy or too big.

When you go shopping for cargos, always choose a style with straight leg, low rise cut, because if you don’t these pants will make you look bigger than what you are, and you know bigger is not always better.

Now, how do you all feel
about pairing your favorite suit with some cool kicks?
I must say, when this trend barely came on the scene I was a bit apprehensive about it. At first I thought of it as an insult or mockery of the fashion world, but later, much later, I started to get it.

Wearing a nice suit and pairing it with some really nice kicks is neither an insult nor a mockery. It’s all about having the confidence and attitude to pull it off. It says “I’m cool, I have confidence and I have style.”
Do this. Get a slim two-piece suit and dress shirt with a skinny tie, and pair them with some bright running shoes. You’ll be the talk of the office, in a good way.

Let’s talk about fall now. Even though the days we’ve been having hardly seem like it, the weather is about to turn cold. And what do we do when we get cold? We reach for our favorite topcoat of course.
Topcoats are not just to top off your suit. You can

literally wear them on top of every outfit and style and there is simply nothing wrong with that.
Do this. To get the maximum and best usage for your topcoat this year, wear it with just about every outfit you can, weather permitting of course.

Try it with a nice suit, jeans and a t-shirt, or simply on top of your gym clothes. Because, sometimes having no rules is simply right.


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