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Juan Carlos Miranda
Special to El ObservadoR

Fall is finally here and it could not have gotten here any sooner, and you know what that means? It is time to finally change our entire wardrobe. So let’s put away all those shorts, tanks and hoochie dresses—well, maybe not the hoochie dresses. Those can come in handy even in cold weather (wink, wink)—and get your fall clothes from out of the back of your closet because the fun has just begun.

While going through all my jackets and coats—seriously, it should be a crime for a guy to own so many. I’m not bragging either. I came across a fun, fitted military style, velvet jacket and what do you know, velvet! It’s ‘in’ right now, and yes, even for men.
So get your velvet on, and don’t feel so self-conscious about how to wear those velvet dresses, after all, they are flattering on every figure. Now, if you’re a guy, please do me a favor and limit yourself to one, and I do mean ONE, velvet garment and DO make sure this garment is the central focus of your entire outfit.
In my continuous effort to make an inventory of every single jacket I own I came across a simple leather jacket I hadn’t wore in a while, and finding it hiding in my closet was a pleasant surprise.
Leather is one of those materials that never goes out of style. Take for example the popular trend within women right now, leather miniskirts; they are fun, flirty and go with pretty much everything. For guys, the always classic and cool leather jacket is always a winner.
However, if there was a piece of advice you could take from this article I would want it to be to NOT ever buy anything in pleather. Buying a pleather jacket- it’s like buying a fake Louis Vuitton or joining Weight Watchers while working at Krispy Kreme. It just defeats the purpose.

Let’s talk shoes now. When it comes down to footwear there is no difference between the amount of clothes and shoes I own, it’s just obscene. Going through every box I found a pair of animal print leather shoes only worn once before. I had forgotten I even had them. The only reason why I only wore them once was because the only men that can pull off the animal print shoes are pimps, rappers and confident men. I wasn’t either at the time.
Today it’s a different story. Animal print, just like leather, never goes out of style and, let’s just say, I am so ready to rock my shoes.
If there is one more thing I’d want you to take away from this is -you don’t really have to go out there and spend your entire paycheck buying the newest, trendiest clothes when you have a closet full of them. After all, being smart never goes out of style


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