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San Jose

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The San Jose Downtown Residents Association (SJDRA) announced a new partnership with San Jose State University’s CommUniverCity program to launch a unique project that will encourage local merchants to use popular forms of technology and social media to offer “flash” specials and last minute deals designed to entice more traffic and increase revenues without adding to their marketing expenses.

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“Not only will we be able to stay on top of the many things that are going on downtown, merchants will have a completely free way to offer ‘act now’ specials that couldn’t otherwise be advertised,” says SJDRA president Kymberli Brady. “While designed for residents, everyone who lives, works and plays downtown will be able to use it. No more need for discount cards or coupons. Just scan the code for real-time offers posted by the merchants themselves and mention the special when you get there.”

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“This is a fantastic idea,” adds Councilmember Sam Liccardo. “At a time when merchants are struggling for business especially during the week here comes an advertising vehicle that won’t detract from their bottom line. It will instead help it. It’s one of those brilliant, yet simple concepts that makes you think, ‘why hasn’t anyone done this yet?’ This will give merchants the flexibility they need to draw more traffic at key times, while offering customers a variety of discount offerings.”

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According to Brady, the campaign will use new QR Code technology that will link to its Facebook page, where merchants will have complete control over what they offe and when simply by posting their specials. Arts organizations will be able to market same-day discounted tickets that could make the difference between a good crowd and a sell-out, while restaurants, salons, boutiques and others would be able to offer immediate discounts for an houror all night.

More importantly, Brady adds that its could serve as a “one-stop shop” for other agencies such as Team San Jose, LiveSV and the San Jose Downtown Association (SJDA) to post their events, links and other news that will drive visitors to their apps and websites for more unified outreach.

“The possibilities are endless,” Brady adds, “and the merchants hold all the cards. That’s the beauty of this. We want to help them get their message out there so we can get more people out enjoying what Downtown San Jose has to offer.”

SJDRA board members and CommUniverCity students will start canvassing downtown businesses to get them on board with the concept. Merchants who need additional signs for their windows or want more information can call 408.691.7826.


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