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Juan Carlos Miranda

Recently I have been reading a lot about guy’s skinny-jeans. It seems a lot of people are against them however the number of men I see wearing them keeps increasing.  Why do you think this is so?

First let me tell you, I love slim jeans, the ones with straight, narrow leg; in fact, most of my pants are this cut nowadays and I’ll tell you why.

Skinny-jeans make me look long, lean and, when worn correctly, confident about my looks. However I have been also found guilty of wearing the oh-so tight skinny-jeans they might as well should’ve been jeggings and this is a problem.

There is a very clear difference between wearing skinny-jeans that are low rise and slim at the leg, and skinny-jeans that are so tight that everyone gets to witness how you kill your future offsprings ever so slowly.

But let’s analyze a little more why choosing the right fit will prove beneficial to you other than you’ll actually be able to procreate.

First, skinny-jeans for men are the new boot-cut, they enhance every shape and make them look leaner and longer, not to mention they showcase the footwear more— there lies another chance to make an impression on the opposite sex with your good taste in shoes.

Slim pants or jeans should be straight cut and not made like jeggings because jeggings only look good on women and sometimes not even them.

Choosing the right fit of skinny-jeans is just that, the right fit. If the jeans make your muffin top overflow and they cling on to your calf muscles so tightly, then my friend these are not the right fit.

True, nowadays jeans have not only gotten skinnier at the legs but they have also gotten a lower rise, which means the distance between the crotch and the waist is shorter; all the more reasons why getting the right fit is imperative.

Nobody wants to see your hairy ass crack or love handles overflowing like nobody’s business. So, let’s say you went ahead and bought yourself your first pair of skinny jeans because you want to stay on trend with the rest of your friends. You made sure to follow my advice and got the right fit, now what?
Well, something I didn’t mention, you wear a tank top!! And I’ll tell you why.

I was walking with my BFF the other day and we decided to go take a look at the tile artwork getting installed at the place we work, so we walked over and what a surprise we got.

The first thing we caught in full view was not the artwork, but the installer’s butt crack-it was not a pretty sight this is also another reason why I recommend my friends and readers to keep it kempt and clean down there, but that’s another story.

But seriously, do me and the rest of the world a favor and, next time you decide to wear your skinny-jeans, make sure you save us from flashing your coin slot every time you reach down to fetch that lucky penny by wearing a tank top and jeans that actually fit.


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