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“Molds were made for cakes no humans”

Juan Carlos Miranda

Another week has gone by and if you were lucky enough you came out of the food-induced-coma faster than you thought. With one of the most important weeks of the year gone yes, I’m talking about thanksgiving the joy of being with family and loved ones enjoying good food and drinks has only been overshadowed by your expanding waistline. Does that get you worried? It shouldn’t, seriously don’t worry about it, it’s totally fine!

Week by week I have told you once and again about the newest trends and styles to hit the fashion scene, what’s hot, not so hot and completely lame and out of style. But there is one thing I haven’t told you about, something that is so hot right now the fire department should get called, something that will never go out of style and, which in fact, is not even a thing. I know you know what I’m talking about boo-boo… I’m talking about YOU.

Let me get a little dramatic here if I may.

Ever since our innocence was lost to the injustices of humanity and ironic world we began to create a notion of how others perceive us, consequently generating an identity to fit that notion. We spent half our lives trying to fit into a mold denigrated to us by society whether we were deemed fat, skinny, ugly or attractive, yet the other half we spent trying to break away from it when in reality that mold never did exist.

We are the villains and the victims at the same time. We shy away from harm yet inflict pain by putting people down for being different than us.

Does anything of what I’ve just said sound familiar? I, like you and many others, am guilty of these and many other crimes against our fellow humans, of putting people down and shunning them away for the simple fact they looked different or simply had different views.

Luckily, it is not too late to change that, or try. Let’s begin with ourselves.

Molds were made for cakes not humans, with all due respect to our Declaration of Independence but, we were not all created equal. Sure, we all deserve the same rights and respect however we all don’t look the same because we are all not the same and that is okay! Heck, I’m glad we all don’t look like a clone of each other because I’m me and you’re you and that’s what makes us unique.

We buy clothes, shoes, accessories and more to standout from the crowd, to look cool and different yet we try to fit in with, what we deem, the cool people—seriously, we’re all just passive aggressive.

Once you really start to think about it, we are already cool and different because when you invert the W in We it becomes Me and at the end that is the only person that matters.

So this holiday season spend as much time as you want with your loved ones and enjoy all the food and drinks you want without worrying about those extra lbs you’re putting on. Chase away the worry of not being able to fit into that size 5 dress because you overindulged during the holidays. That size 5 dress will look just as nice in a size 6 or 7 and if anything it’ll go out of style in a few months. Just remember you are already fabulous the way you are simply because.


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