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Osvaldo Castillo
El Observador

ESPN Deportes has launched a new live and interactive show completely driven by social media content called #Redes. What makes the show different is that it is bilingual content solely based on social media.

Some of the questions asked might be as generic as who will win the Super Bowl or World Series. Other questions may come completely out of left field, such as; what would Major League Baseball be like if there were cheerleaders on the field like there are in the Caribbean Leagues.

Carolina Guillen, Barak Fever and Alfredo Lomeli host the show.  “What makes #Redes different, and special, is that we want to show how people really feel about the different teams in all the different sports,” Lomeli said. “We also want to see the viewers videos through either YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc, because that is how we will get to see sports from everyone’s point of view, and that is how we will keep the conversation on #Redes.”

Though the program will air live for an hour, many of the shows highlights will be available online.

“We want to get as much as we can on the live show,” Lomeli said. “But we know that that is very difficult, so the highlights from the show will be available online.”The show will be based on the current sports topics of the day, but will go with whatever it is that the audience wants to discuss. “We will follow the rhythm of the audience, even if it takes us places we where not expecting to go.” Guillen said.

“One of the topics that is very hot right now is the Lance Armstrong situation,” Lomeli added. “All of us on the show have our opinions regarding this situation, but we will listen to the viewers opinions and pick up the conversation from there.” Redes hopes to get all kinds of sponsors and will use the latest technology to keep good relations with these sponsors.

“So far our biggest sponsor is Bud Light, but we are working hard to build relations with other,” Lomeli said. “We will have our sponsor’s logos on the screens or maybe even in the background of our set.” Redes currently has about 900 followers and the show’s host hopes to reach 2,000 by the time the show premieres on January 21 at 8pm EST on ESPN Deportes.


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