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Monica Amador
El Observador

Have you ever day-dreamed about being discovered and singing on a television show like The Voice? Rudy Parris was one of thousands selected to sing on The Voice Season 3, joining Team Blake, going down to 65, down to 16, and then making it in the top 10.

Not new to playing to an audience, Parris had been paying his dues, performing at the Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, when invited to the Buck Owens Birthday Bash, where he did an eight-year residency.  He rubbed elbows with the likes of Tracy Bird, Dwight Yokum, Brad Paisley, Gary Allen and many others.  By the end of the birthday bash evening, everyone wanted to know who Rudy Parris was and where he had been hiding. Parris wasn’t exactly hiding or new to the music industry.
He and his musician brother, Able, had been performing as the opening act, warming up audiences for Merle Haggard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Hank Jr, BB King, and Bo Didley, among many others.  Parris has also had the honor of playing guitar on tour for Hank Williams III.  Many major artists appreciate Parris’ talent for playing rock, country and blues.  He recently performed at the Jason Becker Benefit with guitarists’ from Deep Purple, Scorpions, and the Ozzie band.

Parris said he worked long hours on The Voice.  Starting at 6 am in the morning, he and the contestants had to work on hair, make-up, wardrobe, where to stand and staging.  His roommate was Terry McDermott who he got to know well as they learned respect for each other’s talents.  They still keep in touch. Team Blake and The Voice gave Parris great exposure to a very large audience.  What he learned from The Voice is that there are a lot of people who enjoy when he performs and that he has the ability to connect and touch the hearts of his audience.
Parris has family in San Jose, but was born and raised in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley to Mexican and Native American parents. Parris took a moment to reflect on his beginnings, “I remember enjoying music as far back as a small child, when my mother took me to weddings and stood me by the band.  I would stand there for hours just watching and listening, knowing I wanted to do that some day.”

Parris is an inspiration and a humble “down to earth” person who plays his guitar with great feeling, and his singing touches the soul deeply and passionately.

Parris is presently looking for a label and hopes to be playing in Nashville and at American Indian casinos across the county.  His fan base as well as his schedule is growing daily.

Parris was recently interviewed on Native Voice TV Chl. 15. It can be viewed on On Demand at

You can find Rudy online


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