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Juan Carlos Miranda
Special to El Observador

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Winter’s end is nowhere near in sight. However I wish some of the trends we’ve seen this season were. From fugly looking shoes to hats that would only look cute if you were four. Here I present to you this Winter’s trends that need to go away.

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Animal Hats

No matter how cold it gets outside, you should never opt for wearing one of these. Animal hats only look okay on little kids and clowns–nevermind, not even clowns. Please don’t show your level of maturity by getting caught wearing a hairy cat hat; it’s not original, cool nor avantgarde. If you would like to stand out from the rest opt for a more classy shape like a cloche hat. For a more casual hat, go for a big-knit or animal print beanie, in case you’re feeling wild.


Don’t get me wrong, leggings are great and they are oh-so-flattering on every shape, however, not in winter and not by themselves. The problem is this, when you wear leggings you have to make sure your top is long enough to cover your behind… and your front, because most of the time they leave little to the imagination. Seriously, I’ve lost my appetite many times because of this.

Next time you wear your leggings just make sure your top covers your hoohaa and your butt, and if you would rather not having to worry about showing everyone your credit card then wear a skirt or some shorts on top.

Furry Boots

Unless you’re related to Big-Foot or you are a supermodel strutting the runway, I would not recommend you get a pair of these. I agree they look cute and a bit fun, but, do you really see yourself wearing these outside your bedroom? And if you do, well, there is something really wrong. Enough said.

Puffer Coats

They are warm, cozy and make you look bigger. Would you really go for a coat that makes you look like the Michelin Man? Sure, they are comfortable and warm, but depending on your size this type of coat can either make you look bigger or shorter, or both. There are so many other styles of coats you could choose from. For example, a double breasted wool-blend coat that is fitted and gives you a waist – this coat is classy, comfortable and goes with just about every outfit.

Well, there you have it, this winter’s fashion fails. I hope you are not one of the perpetrators of these horrific crimes against fashion because, if you are, well, I think you should stop. That’s all I have for you this week, until next time. Stay fabulous!


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