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Chuck Reed

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San Jose, CA, February 7, 2013: Mayor Chuck Reed presented the 2013 State of the City Address after Carl Guardino, SVLG, made the appropriate introduction. Mayor Chuck Reed’s entire presentation can be found online at the 2013/14 budget is balanced, there is a continued need to be frugal and conservative. Retirement pension obligations still have some $3 billion in unfunded retirement claims which need resolution.An objective is to open all community centers; provide extended branch library services; repair roads; stabilize the SJ Police Department; and deal with business needs ‘at the speed of business’.  What follows may be of great interest to the Hispanic/Latino community:

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1) Closing the educational achievement gap through the SJ2020 initiative.
2) Reducing gang violence and keeping our schools safe through our Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force.
3) Ending chronic homelessness through Destination Home.
4) Reducing the overrepresentation of Latinos in the criminal justice system through the La Raza Roundtable/Harvard consensus building process.
5) Harnessing the power of innovation by creating the Silicon Valley Talent Partnership.

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The 2013/14 City of San Jose budget is the first in 10 years to be a balanced budget. Through innovative collaborations with non-profits, many community centers were kept open. Expanded city services are projected ,though there is a need to continue to deal with unfunded retirement plans ($3 billion) and to continue to be very frugal, disciplined and conservative. With the local Silicon Valley economy showing signs of greater economic activity, the City of San Jose is looking forward to a brighter future.


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