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ACE Charter School has teamed up with Acer Incorporated and has debuted two innovative technology labs. One is a Computer Lab, and the other is a group of English Language Arts Stations. Both are designed to enhance student learning significantly.“This is a celebration of the collaboration between Acer Incorporated and ACE Charter schools. This collaboration is such a great match that even our organizations names are similar,” said Greg Lippman, ACE Charter School executive director. “These labs will help our students succeed in finishing school and attending college.”There are about 70 working stations in the labs and Acer was able to acquire the systems through donations and by getting great deals from local computer retail stores.

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“This was an obvious partnership for Acer because we design products that are innovative, yet easy to get a hold of, and what better place to show off these products than here at ACE Charter School,” said Richard Black, Acer director of education marketing. “We will help students explore what is beyond possible and we might even see some of our future leaders rising up from some of the classrooms at ACE Charter School.”

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“We also believe that the success of these students will also come from the help of their parents, “ Black added. “We need parents to get involved in the children’s education in order for them to succeed.” One of those parents is Maria Aria. Her daughter had always struggled in school before attending ACE. “My daughter always had a difficult time paying attention in school, and had difficulty with reading and math,” Aria said. “But after four month at ACE, her reading has improved dramatically and she is even talking about attending college.”
Though Aria’s daughter is still struggling with math, Aria believes that the new technology labs will be beneficial for her daughter.

“My daughter is excited to be able to come to the labs and learn math because she knows that it is important for her to have this skill,” Aria said.

Another ACE student who plans on using the labs as much as possible is Irving Franco. Franco came to the United States from Mexico when he was eleven, and was bullied at the first elementary school he attended because he could not speak English well.

“I learned to speak better English at ACE and I learned how to use the computer also,” Franco said. “I do not have a computer at home, so I will spending a lot of time at these labs learning.”


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