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Osvaldo Castillo
El Observador

Nissan has open a new research center in Silicon Valley in order to continue its efforts in finding new ways to enhance the performance of their automobiles.

On Monday, February 18, Nissan opened its newest research center in Sunnyvale, which is the sixth center in the United States, and the ninth in the Americas.

“We are excited to be opening this new research center here in Silicon Valley because this is where the latest technologies are developed,” said Carla Bailo, senior vice president for research and development at Nissan Americas. “We will be working with nearby universities and hope to have about 60 people working in this research center within three to four years.”

“We also chose Silicon Valley because 27 percent of US venture investments, are made here,” added Mitsuhiko Yamashita, Nissan Executive Vice President for Research and Development. “Also, two of the top three engineering schools in the country are located here.”In order to achieve it’s goal of creating new values in a mobile society, Nissan will focus on four societal trends; the electrification of mobility, the aging of society, the formation of new information and the urbanization of populations.

Nissan sees the Electric Vehicle as a potential solution for resource and environmental issues. The company believes that achieving a world where all vehicles run on electricity generated by renewable energy is a way to solve this issues. Their research aims to make it possible to avoid risk factors associated with cars.

“Clean electric cars are the perfect match for the quiet, beautiful communities we hope to see tomorrow,” Yamashita said.

The Pivo 2 is one of Nissan’s electrical cars of the future. It is an environmental friendly electric urban commuter which embodies cutting-edge technologies, user-friendly innovations and Robotic Agent to create a new car-driver relationship. 
The original Nissan Pivo, an innovative three-seat, electric-powered commuter car with a cabin capable of rotating 360 degrees, was a surprise sensation at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. Two years later, the futurists at Nissan’s Advanced Vehicle Engineering Department returned with Pivo 2 – an “intelligent life form design” that proposes an entirely new relationship between car and driver.

Nissan also wants to focus on doing away with urban road congestion to enable seamless travel and energy efficiency.

“Our challenge is to find a way to reduce traffic jams and accidents,” Mitsuhiko said. “We also would like to find a way to make the daily commute less boring for people. This includes the possibility of adding a human machine interface to our cars.”


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