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City Admits to $92 million in General Fund Reserves but offer cops 0% in arbitration

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San Jose (CA)-Retired Judge Flaherty rules in City of San Jose’s favor on all issues arbitrated upon including City proposal of 0% pay restoration for police officers.

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“Mayor Chuck Reed accomplished his goal of “reforming” arbitration by ensuring that San Jose cops get no pay raise as a result of the new arbitration rules hidden in the fine print of Measure V, passed by the voters in 2010,” said SJPOA President Jim Unland. Unland went on to say, “Mayor Reed sold the voters a bill of goods that has guaranteed officers will continue to leave to other jurisdictions, neighborhoods will continue to see car thefts, burglaries and gang activity increase and our once proud police department will be left in shambles.”

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The City of San Jose has at least $92 million dollars in General Fund reserves that could have been utilized to restore pay for police officers.  Mayor Reed and his supporters chose instead to offer a 0% pay increase that was adopted by the arbitrator.

“Many of us were waiting for the ruling to decide what to do, and this ruling of no pay increase and more benefit take-aways makes my decision clear. I will seek employment with an agency that actually puts public safety first”, said veteran officer Juan Vallejo.

Today, there are 887 street ready officers in SJPD, 392 of which are assigned to, and working, patrol.  This has increased emergency response times to over 20-minutes for Priority 2 calls, and requires the department to scramble every single day to fill patrol beats using a mix of pay cars, hold-overs, and mandatory overtime.


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