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Great customer service is at the core of SamTrans’ values.  And it takes great people to provide great customer service for the Transit District’s many riders who rely on SamTrans to go where they need to go.

To recognize our outstanding collection of employees and customers, SamTrans has launched a new advertising campaign, titled “It’s All About People.” The 12-week promotion will highlight what makes SamTrans special, from the bus operators who get people on the move, to the maintenance employees who ensure our vehicles are clean. Most importantly, it will show our appreciation for the passengers who keep SamTrans running strong.

The first leg of the advertising campaign will focus on SamTrans’ bus operators, who help transport 40,000 customers each day. At SamTrans, being an operator is more than just a job, it’s a source of pride. Our bus drivers embrace the SamTrans goals of being friendly, dedicated and safe while they’re on the job. One of the three operators featured in advertising campaign is Lonnie Pino, who was the recent recipient of a 30-year safe driving award from SamTrans. Pino said she has great memories of her career, including driving along her favorite routes in South San Francisco and Brisbane, but her underlying focus has always been to ensure safety for her passengers.

“I made a commitment to myself,” said Pino. “I tell my higher self to have a safe day in the bus, get plenty of rest and good food. Think good thoughts. Love life and be kind to everyone.”

When the operators series is completed, the “It’s All About People” campaign will shift the focus to groups like maintenance employees, senior citizen passengers and other loyal SamTrans customers.

SamTrans is basing its advertising campaign on a similar effort being put

forth by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), a nonprofit international association of 1,500
public and private sector organizations. Flora Castillo, chair of APTA, recently offered praise for transit agencies that put their customers first.“I know firsthand the value of public transportation and how important it is to those who need it most,” said Castillo. That’s why my theme for the year will be ‘Public Transportation: It’s All About the People’.”

SamTrans is following that model by rolling out a substantial improvement to its El Camino Real corridor service in August.  The agency will launch weekday operations of Route ECR along El Camino Real.  The service will provide customers with a faster, more frequent and less complicated riding experience.

ECR will replace service on the 390 and 391 between Palo Alto and Daly City with service every 15 minutes.  As a result of the increased frequency, customers will be able to walk out to El Camino and jump on any ECR without needing a schedule.

SamTrans has been moving its residents and visitors for 37 years. By continuing to put our customers first, the bus agency plans on operating for many more years to come.


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