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 Monday, December 2nd, was a night of remembrance and a place to speak about the feelings, plans and memories of the Washington community of San José. The main catalyst for the vigil was to honor 3-year old, who was killed attempting to cross the street at Oak and Vine, a place where speeding routinely occurs.

Just this past week 3 people, including Elijah, were killed in pedestrian related car accidents around the city. This brings the total pedestrian fatalities to 24 in San José’s highest record of pedestrian related accidents in a decade.

City Councilman Sam Liccardo was present amongst the attendees to give condolences, and to insure that the community of the Washington neighborhood knew that strides were being made to fix the problems with one-way roads and pedestrian safety, in general in the city.

With an outpour of community support, neighbors and guests rallied together to remember Elijah and raise awareness of this alarming trend within the city. “I know it’s an odd emotion to express at a time when we’re mourning the loss of a beautiful child, Elijah, but I want to express gratitude for the perseverance of this community” Liccardo said.

Like many others, Liccardo knew it was too late for the 24 pedestrians that were killed this year so far, but that the funding for the project would commence within the next year, re-engineering the street on Oak and Vine where Elijah was killed. These repairs would also occur at various other streets in San José where these pedestrian and bicycle accidents occur often.

Nearly 100 people crowded together on the corner of Oak and Vine as they held candles for the vigil. Some came to voice their opinions; parents, neighbors, adults who grew up in this neighborhood and still have a fond connection to its residents.  A moment of silence ended the event; a striking moment was watching children tend to the candles of the sidewalk memorial which had teddy bears, balloons, and photos of the child, who was often referred to as “batman”.


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