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Kathy & Chris Ando on Camino Pablo putting up their living Christmas tree on their front lawn

Kathy & Chris Ando on Camino Pablo putting up their living Christmas tree on their front lawn

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San Jose 


 This holiday season, neighbors in the Willow Glen area of San Jose will use rented living trees from Our City Forest (a non-profit tree planting & urban ecology organization) for the annual Christmas tree lawn display.  Each year thousands of people enjoy the warm glow of multicolored lights hung on trees in front of houses in Willow Glen.  Usually cut trees from the Northwest are trucked in. This December, however, residents of the 1000 block of Camino Pablo, near Glen Eyrie, will use locally grown potted trees.  After the holiday season, trees will be planted in parks and schools, so current and future generations can enjoy them.

“One generation plants a tree; the next sits in its shade,” said Humberto Chacon, Willow Glen resident who worked with Our City Forest to provide neighbors with living Christmas trees.  In an interview he also noted “if urban forests are tended with care, future generations will benefit from a green oasis and enjoy improved air & water quality, a habitat for wildlife, energy savings, and an enhanced sense of community”.

Our City Forest is looking for donations and volunteers to help achieve its mission and current goal of planting 100,000 trees in Santa Clara County.  For more information on how to donate or volunteer please go to or call Samatha Cramer  at 408.998.7337 x107.


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