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 If crossing the final gift off your shopping list means your holiday giving has only just begun, these ideas for creating unique and personalized packaging may be just the ticket for some extra special flair under your tree this year.Wrap up homemade goodies fresh from your kitchen, or other small treasures, in Cupcake Cups adorned with the festive prints.

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Even if your presents tend more toward store-bought than homemade, you can create  from-the-heart gift boxes that convey how much you care. For an extra-special touch, consider creating paper mache boxes to adorn with ribbon and festive flowers made from vibrant holly leaf cutouts and sparkling glass beads.

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Christmas Gift Décor IdeasSkill level: No experience necessary

Crafting time: Average of 15-30 minutes per item

Supplies and Tools:

Die Cuts With a View 12”x12” Christmas Memories Stack

Blue Moon red glass beads

Wilton lollipop sticks

Christmas-themed cups and/or boxes

1 skein of red yarn

1” white and burgundy grosgrain ribbon

1” burgundy grosgrain ribbon

Holly leaf flower template (printable)

Paper crafting adhesive glue or craft tape

Paper trimmer



Cupcake Cups  Measure the amount of yarn needed to go around each cup or box, leaving a section on each end to tie a bow. Repeat, cutting a section of yarn for each cup.Cut an assortment of pennants (triangles) from different prints in the stack, repeating as necessary for desired number of cups. Adhere the pennants to the center of each section of yarn. Once the glue is dry and/or tape is in place, tie the banner onto each cup and set aside momentarily.Remove the tag and icon stack from the stack. Cut out desired tags (or make original tags) and adhere them, one each, to the top of a lollipop stick.Place your gift into each cup, insert lollipop with tag at the top, and your gift is ready to give.

Gift Box Wrap ribbons or a strip of printed paper with yarn adhered on top around the middle of a box. Using two prints in the stack, cut out an assortment of holly leaves (one color for the top set and another color for the bottom). Layer them together in a round flower shape, adhering leaves in place. Add a red glass bead to the center of each flower. Cut a tag from the tag and icon print in the stack. Hand print the recipient’s name and adhere the tag to the side of the flower. Repeat as needed for additional boxes.


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