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 The days are getting cooler, the leaves are starting to change colors and team banners are starting to appear on front porches everywhere. It can only mean one thing – football season is back. With it comes more than 32 million fantasy football players and a whole lot of weekend game-watching festivities.

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Whether your passion is college football or the pros, here are some tips to organize the best game-watching party:

* TV size – The smallest acceptable TV size for a party with five or more guests is 42 to 47 inches, according to the 2013 LG “Staygating” national survey. And a third report they have more than one TV running during a party, allowing guests to take in different sporting events or games being aired at the same time.

* Seating arrangements – If you really want to wow your guests, consider an Ultra HD TV from LG. They have four times the resolution of typical HDTVs, so viewers get a crisp, clear picture from as close as five feet. And their wide viewing angles mean everyone will have a good seat in the house.

* Food, food and more food – According to the survey, game food is as important as the guest list. Pizza is the top choice to serve at a Staygating party, according to 37 percent of people who responded to the survey. It’s followed by wings and chips and dip as other fan favorites. No matter what you serve, make certain you have plenty of food available during the entire party, and it’s easily accessible from the game-viewing area.

* Connecting with stats and fans – Fantasy Football players will love a monitor like LG’s LN450W that can display two source devices (smartphones, computers, cable box) on screen at the same time – perfect for simultaneous stats and game viewing.

With these plans in place, you can turn on the TV, settle back into your seat, load a chip up with a big scoop of dip, and enjoy the game with your friends and family.


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