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Ron Campbell stars as Bucky Fuller in San Jose Rep’s R. Buckminster Fuller: The History (and mystery) of the Universe, now- Feb. 23. Photo: Kevin Berne.

Ron Campbell stars as Bucky Fuller in San Jose Rep’s R. Buckminster Fuller: The History (and mystery) of the Universe, now- Feb. 23. Photo: Kevin Berne.

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 It is no secret that the current predominant way of life within mainstream society is threatening to pollute our planet to the point where it would be impossible for humans to survive. It is this context in which R.Buckminster Fuller: The History (and Mystery) of the Universe sheds light on our world like the break of dawn. This multimedia one-man show is based on the life and work of Bucky, a renowned 20th century inter-disciplinary visionary who dedicated his life to designing sustainable solutions to global problems.

Through creative lighting, projected still & moving images, colorful interactive props, and a bit of fog machine effects, this production at the Repertory Theatre takes you on an entertaining and educational journey of how Bucky became inspired to design and invent practical and ecologically friendly shelter, transportation, and energy to all people, not just the rich or powerful. He did not consider himself to be a scientist or architect or engineer, but rather all of the above. In fact, one of the most important messages from Bucky’s work- portrayed by Ron Campbell’s talented performance- is that human beings are complex creatures capable of accomplishing many great things within our lifetime, if we open our minds to thinking collectively, prioritizing living in harmony with nature, instead of just functioning as separate islands of communities competing to make money.

Although this production is quite long, 2.5 hours (including a 20 minute intermission), it is well worth every minute. Go prepared with a satisfied stomach and enough rest so that you can pay the close attention this story deserves! One of the most fascinating inventions Bucky is famous for is the geodesic dome, which is basically a more efficient way of shelter construction. The geodesic dome is also a clever metaphor for Bucky’s emphasis on holistic thinking, that is to take into consideration many points of views when analyzing an issue or trying to figure out a solution to a problem. The author/director of this production, D.W. Jacobs, skillfully highlighted one of Bucky’s main frustrations: how the powers-that-be try to distill the creative interdependent tendencies inherent in human beings into robotic conformities that only serve to create poverty, greed, and pollution.

Many of us know about Albert Einstein but prior to attending this show, I had no idea who Bucky was. I was enlightened to discover that these two men actually ended up meeting because Bucky’s ideas had left such an impression on Einstein!  I definitely walked away feeling inspired about what I want contribute to healing Mother Earth. It all begins with one step; I urge you to take a seat and enjoy this show.


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