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California Governor Jerry Brown declared a state-wide drought emergency last week. 2013 was the driest year on record for California.

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“Among all our uncertainties, weather is one of the most basic. We can’t control it. We can only live with it, and now we have to live with a very serious drought of uncertain duration,” said Gov. Jerry Brown during his state of the state speech in January.The governor is asking for the state as a whole to reduce water usage by 20 percent. To help with the water usage reduction efforts, here are some basic tips:

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In the kitchen:

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-Only wash full loads of dishes in the dishwasher.

-Fix all leaks.

-Install a faucet aerators (call 408-630-2554 for a free aerator)

-Let dishes soak first instead of letting the water run while scrubbing dishes.

-Defrost food in the refrigerator instead of using hot running water.

-Wash fruits and vegetables with a pot of water instead of using running water.

-Use water from making pasta or washing fruits/vegetables to water the household plants.

In the bathroom:

-Turn the water off while washing your hair.

-Take shorter showers, even 5 minutes shorter adds up. Most standard shower heads use 5.0 gallons per minute.

-Fill the bathtub halfway or less.

-Check your toilet annually for leaks.

-While showering, collect water in a bucket. Turn the shower off when shaving and use the bucket of water collected.


-Water your lawn early in the morning or later in the evening.

-Adjust sprinklers to ensure they are only watering plants/lawns

-Use a broom to clean sidewalks,patios, and porches.

For more information on water conservation and more tips please visit the following resources:


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