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Councilmember Xavier Campos will be a stem cell donor through the BE The Match program -

a National Marrow Donor Program in Northern California

In the wake of rumors about Councilmember Campos undergoing a medical procedure tomorrow, this release is intended to set the record straight.  Fourteen years ago, Councilmember Campos offered to be a stem cell donor through the Be The Match Program hoping he would be a fit for someone who very much needed it.  Fast forward fourteen years later; Campos receives a call from the Stanford Cancer Center letting him know that he is now a match for a 5 year old Latino. He underwent the transplantation procedure at Stanford Medical Center.

The difficulties of finding a match are not unusual in the Latino community.  Unfortunately Latino patients have a harder time finding donors.  Although initially Councilmember Xavier Campos was not seeking recognition for doing this, he has decided to go public to send a message not only the Latino community who is challenged with finding donors who match, but to everyone who finds it in them to do something that is bigger than themselves in order to help save a life.


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