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Read “Educating Latino Students is a Team Effort” in “East Side Eddie” by Eddie Garcia, whose wife, Sandra, is the principal of ARUSD’s Adelante Dual Language Academy. ADLA was the recipient of ARCE tablets funded by LINC (Leveraging Influence in Neighboring Communities). A LINC member, Reynaldo Gil, a gifted Latino entrepreneur with innovative insight and who has several patents used in ‘cloud computing’, consulted with ADLA teachers before selecting the ARCE tablet which LINC funded. LINC organized orientation sessions which enabled students to learn at their individual pace. The outcome some two years later: ADLA had API scores which placed it in the top ten.

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The LINC group, in collaboration with ALDA teaching staff, organized a ‘parents evening’ where each child demonstrated to his/her parent their newly acquired skills in using their own ARCE tablet to ‘pull up information’ available electronically. ‘I personally heard a father say, “We must get a computer in our home somehow.” Teachers involved were Anne and Franklin Collazo, members of LINC.

Why am I telling you all this background information? It is because Eddie Garcia is correct in communicating that ‘EDUCATING LATINO STUDENTS IS A TEAM EFFORT’. Appropriate recognition must be given to the parents of each student. After all, they begat that child. They are the ones who nurtured that child by providing intensive focused care, devotion and love since conception and birth. They teach that child the beginnings of relationship and language skills. The parents, as a couple, do the initial teaching of each child. So the ‘team effort’ begins with each child’s parents, both father and mother. If society is to raise the educational ability of a child, it seems logical that parents need to have access to the latest parenting knowledge. Both parents need to be taught parenting skills  they do not have. This is why some local organizations such as ‘First Five’ exist….their staff informs parents regarding how to best deal with developmental issues that each child goes through while ‘growing up’.

It is essential to have fun while teaching each child communication skills, the alphabet, and numerals, because all human knowledge is available through the precise and appropriate use of symbols. Graphic Arts is an important conveyor of much information. The human voice develops over time as one’s brain develops when stimulated and used. Each of us learns through the use of our senses: touch, sight,  hearing, smell, and taste. Many children need to be assessed because of a deficiency in these faculties, especially sight and hearing. A child also needs to learn early on to manage frustration and anger, which may lead to violent behavior. It certainly takes a whole village to teach a child, but it begins with the couple who parented that child whose brain keeps developing until about age 26, according to recent ‘brain research’.
Let’s now examine local elementary and high schools. A child needs to learn many things such as, how to make conversation, ask questions, behave socially, be a team member and develop intimate friendships. A very important concept is ‘learning for life from one’s life from now on’. All must learn to manage personal ‘business affairs’ by learning, at the minimum, how to use money (which is ‘one’s license to perform, produce, and consume’ because this definition emphasizes “What I do with my money” rather than what money does for me). Knowledge of the use of money is essential if one is to be self sufficient in society, commerce, and governance. One needs to learn a system of logical values, ethics and morals with which information is assessed and used. One must constantly evaluate information received: “Will I use it; if so I must remember it; If not, then let me ignore it.” One must continuously learn as one goes through all the developmental stages of life from conception to death.

Therefore, the proper mission of local k-12 school districts is to focus upon having as many students as possible earn their high school diploma, and develop the skills to continuously learn.  That high school degree tells a future employer that that individual has already learned the basics of communication (verbal and written), logic, and has accepted the norms of honesty and integrity. Today, too many educators are diverted from these basics by fads such as STEM. Let’s have our school districts focus on teaching the basics . And know that it will take all of us to accomplish that consistently.


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