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Presidents Day

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If Washington’s Birthday, often known as Presidents Day, is a vacation for your family, consider making it more than just a regular day away from work and school.

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Celebrated the third Monday in February, many stores offer sales on special deals on this day. But you can celebrate the holiday more thematically than by spending an afternoon at the mall.
Consider visiting a museum focused on American History. And it’s a great day to take a trip to a National Park, as the National Park Service is commemorating the holiday by waiving entrance fees for the entire three-day weekend.

Or take a trip to the library in advance and stock up on presidential-themed books and movies. If the weather outside is frightful, curl up on the couch and watch a biopic or documentary about your favorite president. You can learn a lot from the comfort of home.

This President’s Day, make your three-day weekend meaningful with some president-focused, educational fun.


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