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El Observador

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  What is LOVE?

LOVE is so many different things to so many different people…

But if you ask me, TRUE LOVE- the realest, most magical kind of love- is like a RAINBOW:

COLORFUL layers intertwined with each other, mixing, melting, making the world brighter together

LOVE- that MAGICAL kind of love- gives you those butterflies 

in not only your stomach, 

but in your mind, heart and SOUL too!

It may come fast or it may come slow, 

but true love 

will always KEEP GROWING, 

compromising, forgiving, understanding, encouraging, motivating…

Real love will EVOLVE as the people involved evolve…

and that is why sometimes… love just implodes…

Human beings will be human beings

Poverty, abuse, trauma are viciously difficult cycles to break, 

and to truly heal from, an on-going STRUGGLE it truly takes…

…but sometimes LOVE can push you out of your broken cocoon, causing a beautiful butterfly to bloom, 

like sunlight breaking through the gloom,

like sunlight GLIMMERRING off the waves, the heat rays warming your face,

like catching that ULTIMATE wave after being out at the beach all day

The realest, most magical kind of love- is that connection, that bond, that SPARK

that never extinguishes…there may be ups and down, curveballs, and disagreements

But the realest, most magical kind of love PERSEVERES like the never-ending EBB & FLOW of the sea

That is what the realest, most MAGICAL kind of love is to me.


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