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Heart Verse Two

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Arturo Hilario
El Observador

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Wild is the trails we dare to roam,
A journey seldom steady in its pace, rushed and slowed,
Mitigated by emotions and thumps of blood and bone,
While the past is behind, our view its close enough,
It’s sufficient just to dream about those days though,
To dream is to call upon our uncompromised feeling,
Flowing and bringing me back to your face, my visions then,
Is it not real to reminisce?

Reality is the state of now, and even then these words will be,
Memories of then, products of emotional weight,
Bombardment of sound bites and walks along the horizon,
Squeezing at my soul for the slightest inclinations of your voice,
But it’s all past,

Trained myself not to care, till life steadied, faired and well,
When those trails cross my path, is only when the hours move back,
I know now why time slides by at its pace,
Lessons learnt, drizzled moments of clarity,
Visions of you and the things we’d do,
Often I’d feel I’m dreaming, but reality is here now.
I have a chance to breathe and bow down.


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