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Pablo Saccinto

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Veronica T. Avendaño
El Observador

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Córdoba, Argentina

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 There is only one ice skating rink located inside of a mall in the entire city of Cordoba. Inside that rink is where then 17-year old Pablo Saccinto began his career.
Saccinto is now in his own real life Cinderella story; he is a professional skater for “Disney on Ice” playing the role of ‘Lefou’, antagonist’s Gaston’s best friend from ‘Beauty and the Beast.” He has skated with the company since 2010.

Before Saccinto made his way into the company, he studied theater and communications at the university level. When the ice rink opened up in his hometown, Saccinto began to skate as a hobby.

“It started out as just a hobby and over time it became more like a profession,” said Saccinto.” Saccinto began to train during the morning and afternoon, even training in standard roller skates to transfer those skills on the ice. During that time Saccinto had to balance his studies with his skating practice. Skating in a commercial and public rink proved difficult for him because he had to make accommodations for the space available.

In 2009, he sent a tape of his skating, acting, and dancing abilities to “Disney on Ice.” This tape got him an in-person interview. He did not hear back from the company until a year later when they notified him that he has an opportunity to be in the production of “Finding Nemo.”

From his time with the company, Saccinto has had the opportunity to travel across the United States, Puerto Rico, parts of Canada, and the Dominican Republic.
“I want to travel all over the world and share my experience with people in other parts of the world,” said Saccinto.

Joining the company at only 21 years old, Saccinto’s current goal is to “continue traveling all over the world.” But more importantly, Saccinto said his future goal is to simply “move forward.”

Starting out as child in the audience in “Disney on Ice” performances in Argentina to ice skating in a local mall, Saccinto has certainly came a long way. “It’s an incredible experience to be together with Minnie and Mickey.”


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