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 ‘Blood Punch’ is a US film directed by Madellaine Paxson and stars Milo Cawthorne, Olivia Tennet and Ari Boyland among others. Its plot is described as “a cocktail of mishaps, meth, and murder”, a true testament to its bulk. The main character wakes up in a bathroom dazed, in what looks to be a log cabin.

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He sees hastily put together video equipment and hits play, only to discover it is himself hours before. He warns himself to be on his toes in order to understand what’s going on with the people he has gotten tangled up with in a drug lab. What happens next is a twisting array of mishaps and revelations as to why, how, and when this nightmarish situation is going on.

Beyond that though was the films very brutally comedic, although entertaining, manner of progressing its narrative. After the initial story is presented ‘Blood Punch’ begins to unravel its tale and how a young man caught in a situation he tries to outsmart. The laughs are good, the thrills are inventive, the story ultimately becomes a mix of quirky conversations in a Tarantino style, and a true test of trust amongst the three main characters.

“The Rugby Player’ is an inspiring documentary that follows the home video footage recorded life of Cal Berkeley Alum, Rugby Player, and one of victims of the United 93 flight on September 11th attacks. Mark Bingham was much more than a victim though, as the uplifting tale of ‘The Rugby Player’ highlights.

At first a shy child, raised mainly by his mother and people around his life that helped out, Bingham was raised right. He was a gay man, an athlete and ultimately one of the many heroes whose stories shape the positive light of a national tragedy. This film certainly hit the right notes by using home video footage shot by Mark himself, getting a vibrant and intimate look into the life of someone whose name appears amongst a list of many others. It personifies one of the thousands of people whose names and actions were immortalized on that day.

Directed by Emmy-Award winning director Scott Gracheff, this film certainly deserves a view as a piece of history, not only for the man Mark Bingham, but also for LGBT rights and the importance of community in shaping the life’s of great people who do extraordinary actions in times of peril.

Both ‘Blood Punch’ and ‘The Rugby Player’ will be playing during Cinequest Film Festival 24. For more info visit: or call 408-295-FEST.


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