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Hilbert Morales  EO Publisher

Hilbert Morales
EO Publisher

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My wife and I attend the weekly Sunday service at All Saint’s Episcopal Church. After the service we attend the hospitality meetings in the parish hall where this past Sunday, a Mexican undocumented immigrant, who had also attended the service, asked if I spoke Spanish. He was elated when I responded in Spanish. He and his brother had paid a coyote to transport them to Los Angeles. They both had spent the past rainy week in front of Home Depot hoping for ‘Day Work’, which did not materialize. As their interpreter (and advocate), I asked the fellow parishioners to join me in assisting these two individuals.

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Now all local ‘assistance centers’ were closed on Sunday, Palo Alto’s Opportunity Center. They had been to Sacred Heart Community Center, San Jose which properly uses its resources to assist its local community. He told me they had obligated themselves to pay $300 per month to live in someone’s garage in East Palo Alto….but did not have any funds. My advice was to visit the ‘Day Worker Center’ inMt. View and check in with the Mexican Counsel, San Jose. We took up a collection, which amounted to $100, and gave it to him as he left. Someone asked, “How do you know that his story was not a scam?” My reply was that I did not. I just followed my ‘gut’ and was thankful that the Christian group present were able to help. “That man represents the need to have an effective Immigration Reform law.”

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Following his departure, our fellow parishioners discussed the state of things impacting our lives. One said, “He represents what’s wrong all over this world today. America and Mexico have their very rich and the rest of us struggle. For example, I will not benefit from the minimum wage being set at $10.10 nation-wide. And I think it will negatively impact what I can purchase with my wages ($13.50 for thelast 8 years with no raises). The thing is that we need to figure out how to get money into the hands of those who need it for essentials. I know a lot of folks who have not had a raise the past several years. Many middle class folks are now not making it at all. We need to take care of our own first”.

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Another spoke up, “I think you will benefit because all those who get that extra $2.85 per hour will spend it because low income folks have many deferred things they cannot buy now, but can with a higher minimum wage. That money will lift everyone equally in our economy.” Concern was expressed that prices will go up….they always do.She continued, “You can blame it all on the very conservative Republicans. Its ultra-conservatives have killed everything….like the public school systems; the Freedom of Religion; the middle class; the labor unions so that collective bargaining is at a very low level; they killed community banks in favor of mega-banks ‘which cannot fail, but are corrupt and too influential to prosecute; and the national infrastructure’s status is a disaster. Roads, bridges, overpasses…and all that transportation stuff is in need of repair and improvements. I agree that we need to care for our own first.”

No one present liked the current reality that the U.S. Congress was not taking care of people while favoring corporations. And the ultra- conservative wealthy 1% were taking advantage of their ability to buy enough influence to thwart the intended purpose of democratic government, which is to take care of things which are best done by government. Wages need to be enough to enable individuals to pay for their essentials…food, clothing, housing, insurances, education or training and some recreation.

What do you think, Hilbert?’ …”I agree with all that wasbrought up. My highest priority is an effective income tax reform which simplifies personal and corporate income taxes. Too many loopholes exist now. Just look at the recent Farm Bill (U.S. Agriculture Department) where food stamp programs were cut back, but not the subsidies for Agribusinesses. The various levels of government must begin to look after the people and the domestic economy which permits them to have a job & support a family, etc.; and stopsubsidizing big businesses on the backs of the silent majority. Some day those who are voters will be concerned enough to vote non- performing elected officials out of office. That is what will change things. What is fair is fair”. I believe this discussion by folks about their concerns is taking place in many communities.


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