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Opera Cultura

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Opera Cultura has once again brought opera to the community with a twist in its newest production, Cuentos de Pereginacion-Tales of Pilgrimage by composer Hector Armienta. The performance is based on true immigration stories from Mexican immigrants journeying to the United States from Mexico. Tales of Pilgrimage: A song cycle opera came from a collaborative idea about immigration from a discussion with Armienta’s colleagues, Tamara Alvarado School of Art’s and Culture, Kinan Valdez Teatro Campesino and Father Jon Pedigo of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.

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“Telling a story through song, spoken word and music, it’s less of an opera but a combination of many art forms to tell the stories of the community,” said Armienta. “Most of us, not all of us in this country, we were all immigrants at some point in our history. That is what we share in common.”The cast includes a wide range of performers from community members, actors, musicians, professional singers. Some of the text is also based on stories from the community members featured in the performance.
Armienta composed the piece after conducting research through a series of interviews with community members in East Side San Jose. He also used stories collected by Father Pedigo from parishioners arriving from Mexico.

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“If you’re Mexican it’s very different from being Mexican American,” said Armienta. Armienta, a second generation Mexican American, discovered contrasts in assimilating for Mexican children vs. Mexican American children. Interviewees were also asked about their physical and emotional journey from Mexico to the United States, working in the fields, their experience trying to assimilate in school facilities, and lastly their aspirations for themselves and children.

“It’s important for this particular immigrant community to be recognized and to be honored for what they do. To give them voice to give their stories, voice to give them an opportunity to be heard and this one way to do it,” said Armienta. “ I have a responsibility to make sure our stories are not forgotten.”Performance excerpts will also make their way to San Jose’s newly adopted sister-city, Guadalajara, Mexico at the Delgollado Theater later this August. The excerpt will be a part of a concert in partnership with the City of San Jose and the Mexican Consulate of San Jose.

The performance will premiere later this month, March 29 at the Mexican Heritage Theater at the Mexican Heritage Plaza at 5 p.m. Preceding the performance will be a community procession to commemorate Cesar Chavez, and to recognize the community contributions of immigrants. Another performance is scheduled the follow day March 30th at 5 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased online at


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