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The Soviet Underground by Archival Magazine presents the exciting story of a Soviet subculture that nurtured freedom and individuality under totalitarian control in the arts.

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“Even for the people who lived within this period of time, it always seemed absolutely frantic, without any logic, as a kind of mental hospital in a way; it was crazy,” recollects Irina Prokharova, owner of the prestigious New Literary Observer (NLO). “It is my mission as a publisher to publish the books of Grisha Bruskin and other artists, writers that belonged to this nonconformist culture, because I think it is absolutely necessary to write a different history of Russian culture,” states Prokharova.

Featuring the Pushkin Museum, the Russian Museum, MAMM and the New Literary Observer, Archival Magazine shows the remarkable social phenomena that broke the parameters between official and unofficial art.

“We had different approaches, but different approaches to the same object. And this object was a dying empire,” remembers Boris Orlov, Russian Nonconformist artist.

Focusing on social sciences including the visual and performing arts, political and economic theory, and anthropology, Archival Magazine celebrates the gravity of art and age. Look for the launch of Archival Magazine at Membership is free. Rent or purchase films and television series, and read fascinating blog articles.


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