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San Jose sharks

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The San Jose Sharks became one of the first teams to clinch a playoff spot, (the 10th year in a row), for the 2014 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs during a March 24th Calgary Flames game. Although the Flames were able to win against the Sharks, (1-0), the playoff spot was the victory for San Jose that night. As the current 2nd place in the Pacific Division with 107 points (as of writing), they are only behind the leader, the Anaheim Ducks, by 2 points.

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As for a comparison of the entire league, they are in the top 5 teams in the entire NHL. Not too bad, which puts the Sharks in a position where they can come out on top, if they put in the combined effort. Earlier last week San Jose upset their SoCal rival the Los Angeles Kings by winning 2-1. This boost in morale definitely helped the Sharks.

On Saturday the Sharks played the Nashville Predators at the SAP Center for the third and final time this season. Previous games in December 2013, and earlier this January, had the Predators win over the Sharks by a mere game point. With the recent steady performance of the Sharks, there was an imminent push to win by the team. After similar efforts the first period it seemed the second period, would be the game changer if either team wanted a definite advantage.

Even after some good plays from San Jose, Nashville’s Patric Hornqvist scored 2 goals within the second period. This 2-0 lead became 3-0 by the end of the 2nd, as Roman Josi scored with less than 6 minutes on the clock. Predators Goaltender, a former Sharks prospect who played with the AHL affiliate Worcester Sharks, got a shutout, stopping all 32 shots from San Jose. This game was more critical for the Predators, whose slim chance of getting into the playoffs rested on this game.

Even though the Sharks team has their eyes set on the post season, Jason Demers put the disappointment surrounding the loss bluntly, “Huge. After the game we put together against LA, to give a showing like that is unacceptable. We didn’t come out to work. We just sat back on our heels and let them take the game to us. So, it’s disappointing and something we have to obviously correct as soon as possible.”

The playoffs are set to commence at the end of April, so the tactics and motivations that got the Sharks this far should shine in full force in order to retain the position of power they still have, regardless of these recent losses.

All in all, the San Jose Sharks have a short amount of time to be as strong as they can be to take a lead against the potential rivals in the upcoming playoffs. The Pacific title is another goal that is within reasonable reach. As excitement builds for the Stanley Cup, so does the energy and momentum of the fans and team. Every loss right now feels more difficult than, let’s say, December of last year. Looking at the near future though, the Sharks are poised to have a great run in the playoffs. A great management, coach, and cohesive team, with both new and old players can get the job done, if the team can get their groove in place.

Best of  luck Tiburones!


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