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If you didn’t complete an application for health insurance on Covered California in time for the March 31st deadline, don’t worry! There are a lot more opportunities to get the health insurance you want and may need throughout the year. First, if you began an online application at, but did not complete it, then you have until April 15th to select and enroll in a plan without facing a penalty. Join the late wave of over 252,000 Latino enrollees just in this last month of open enrollment.

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The website remains active year round for applications beyond open enrollment, most notably for Medi-Cal and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) which are year round. There are an estimated 43,000 residents of Santa Clara County who are eligible for Medi-Cal. You could be one of them!

The eligibility requirements were expanded to include more of the population beginning January 1st, so even if you applied before and were denied you could qualify now. Medi-Cal is open to all residents of California, regardless of citizen or immigration status. Any information used to apply for insurance is protected by federal law and cannot be used to verify immigration status. Don’t be afraid to sign up for the coverage you deserve!

Under the new ObamaCare/ACA rules, children are eligible for Medi-Cal or CHIP if their family makes up to 299% of the Federal Poverty Line (FPL). In California this means a monthly income of up to $5,870 for a family of four. Eligibility depends on the number of family members and average monthly income. Childless adults qualify for Medi-Cal up to 138% of the FPL, or $1,322 per month.

If your child, yourself, or someone you know falls under these categories, but is still uninsured, they could be missing out on the opportunity for free or reduced health insurance. They are not alone! Approximately one third of the uninsured population nationwide at the end of 2013 were eligible for Medicaid/CHIP, but simply had not applied. This includes 5 million children nationwide.Without regular access to health care, children are more susceptible to illnesses that can distract them while at school or keep them away from the classroom entirely.

And, of course, the open enrollment period will recur annually every year. So if someone skips, or misses out entirely on signing up for some type of health insurance for 2014, they can re-enter the market on November 15th 2014 and avoid further tax penalties.

The best part about the changes to MediCal and CHIP enrollment is they are continuous, which means that if your circumstances change (get laid off, move states, get married, get pregnant, etc) you can simply reapply.


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