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Latinas Contra Cancer (LCC) is small but mighty. One of their goals is to raise awareness through cancer education, promoting early screenings, holding hands and soothing fears through the cancer treatment. They’ve been around for a decade now, making a difference. They are hoping community members can make a difference as well.

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They are asking people join their crowd funding campaign on May 6th.  Silicon Valley Gives or SVGives is a big blowout fundraiser created by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation and dedicated to raising money for nonprofits like them through a single, online donation platform. On a single 24-hour day, May 6th.

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You can help in 4 ways

•Give. Go to the site and donate

Spread the word! Tell five friends along with a personal note including why you believe in LCC and their work, and why they should join you and contribute on May 6th.

•Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to help build the “buzz”

•Join them on May 6th, on site at Latinas Contra Cancer, 255 North Market Street, Suite 175, San Jose, between 6 and 9 pm for our Fiesta and Phone Bank. Bring your contact list, call, email, or tweet all your friends.

And here’s a big tip! Matching dollars can leverage your donation.

Thanks to matching gifts made possible by Silicon Valley corporations and individuals, you can double, or even triple, your support by donating during certain hours. Please make your donation at the top of each and any hour before the matching dollars are exhausted.

These special Donors will match your dollars at the following times:

Midnight to 1 AM     (2:1)

7 AM to 8 AM          (1:1)

8 AM to 9 AM          (1:1)

12 PM to 1 PM        (1:1)

6 PM to 7 PM          (1:1)

7 PM to 8 PM          (1:1)

They encourage you to take action and help LCC help others. You don’t have to wait! Log in now and drop in your donation, it’ll be counted on May 6th. Otherwise join them on site at their offices for the Fiesta and Phone Bank. Bring your friends, bring your contacts, and bring your passion for our cause!


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