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Hilbert Morales  EO Publisher

Hilbert Morales
EO Publisher

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Why should I vote at all? Because democracy, if it is to provide government “of the people, for the people and by the people”, needs the people to have an interest in voting. Having an interest today is paramount if America is to be directed towards the common good and away from serving only the special interests. Your vote means you are  engaged and have consented  to be governed. When you vote, it is your voice and engagement. Your vote will trump the  current guidance by special interests. Without voting to express  your considered point of view, then you are complicit in enabling these special interests, their influence and their wealth in continuing to keep on keeping on with whatever self-serving enterprise they promote.

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What does my advice to ‘vote in your own special interest’ mean? First and foremost, you must be concerned about having access to being capable of having shelter, food, warmth, security, and health care services. Access to a good education is essential for the development of critical thinking based upon human knowledge acquired through experience. We all must understand that none of us created those resources which are essential to our life style.

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We must understand that ‘ownership’ must be accompanied by ‘stewardship’, which extends beyond the self and towards the inclusion of others. Good government enables all this to happen at a level that permits the development of the American life style which permits independence, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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Through our representative government with its elected officials, our vote indicates a level of support today. We can hold elected officials accountable and responsible by not supporting their continued public service. Your personal vote, in the aggregate, has the power to change the composition of the U.S. Congress and all other governing groups which govern in local or state jurisdictions.

Your personal vote is influenced by the quality and truthfulness of the information which you access. Unfortunately, today most information is provided by mainstream media whose leaders are usually conservaitve and profit oriented.  Therefore it is in your interests to seek information from reliable independent sources such as the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). Learn to discern when propaganda is being directed at you. Your personal core values and faith will guide you effectively.

Recall that government comes in various jurisdictions. The school district board provides policy guidance for the education of your children. The City Council is responsible for community safety and security (via the local police); maintenance of local roads and sidewalks; pickup and disposal of garbage and processing of sewage. Water Districts provide for potable water. The state jurisdictions provide for services which go beyond the capability of the county; and the national jurisdictions are responsible for national security, citizenship, domestic commerce and international affairs. Today, all of us are impacted by all things that happen in this world. It is your elected official who deals with these many issues.

Today, there are those at all levels of our governance, who want to have more than they need or have earned. These forces require that each of us (We, The People) push back. This is the basic system of checks and balances. Your vote is essential to maintaining the checks and balances needed at all levels of human enterprise and activity.

Some of the basics needed today are having a fair and equitable taxing system. At the federal level of government, the federal income tax code needs to be revised to eliminate all those tax loopholes which have accumulated over the years. Back in the 1930’s Great Depression, President F.D. Roosevelt used the government to provide jobs through the Public Works Administration (WPA) and to re-establish the domestic economy which provided jobs to the unemployed. Recently, President Obama has been attempting to do the same ,despite the existing do-nothing conservatives in the U.S. Congress. At all levels of governance, things are not happening because the U.S. Congress has not done its non-partison job. America needs members of the U.S. Congress to stop being partisan once they are elected to office. Once elected their job is to deal with the business of the people. Your vote will trump the ‘dark money’ which lobbyists provide to those elected officials who are willing to be influenced by campaign contributions. Your personal vote cannot be bought. And when cast in very large numbers, you trump the ‘dark money’ provided by special interests.

That should be enough to motivate you to vote on Tuesday, June 3, 2014. And the power and influence of the Hispanic vote will not be manifested until more than 70% of their citizens actually register to vote and vote in their own interests.


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