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Hilbert Morales

Why should you vote? Here are some reasons: Conservatives and their supporters have consistently promoted the ‘Trickle Down’ economic theory, under which jobs are created when the very wealthy invest their money. Robert Reich’s article “Exposing right wing’s lies”(S.F. Chronicle, May 11, 2014, Insight, Page E9) tells us that “even though French economist Thomas Piketty has made an airtight case, we are heading towards levels of income inequalities not seen since the days of the 19th century robber- barons. Right wing conservatives have not stopped lying about what is happening and what to do about it.”

Lie No. One: The rich and CEO’s are America’s job creators. So we dare not tax them. The truth is, the middle class and the poor are the job creators through their purchases of goods and services.” Also, innovative individuals, such as Steve Jobs, have developed innovations in his garage which became Apple, Inc.. Corporations are not creative. Individuals with insight and education develop new innovations which result in new products, services, and the development of demand for products created.

Lie No. Two: People are paid what they are worth in the (labor) market, so we should not tamper with (wages and salary) pay scales.” Senator Elizabeth Warren said it best, “No employee who is employed full time, should end up being on the welfare rolls of their local community”. A living wage is preferable to ‘minimum wages’. A goal for America’s working class is to be able to unionize so as to have collective bargaining when negotiating about wages, benefits, and job-site issues with their employers. Union busting activities have reduced unionized labor down to 7% when it used to be about 45%. At the wage and benefits negotiation table, the individual has no power; the organized union does and provides an essential ‘check and balance’ to the employer’s power and authority. Consider the recent ‘push-back’ by the Black NBA players, who by collective quick reaction to racist remarks forced the NBA Commissioner to act quickly.

Lie No. Three: “Anyone can make it in America with enough guts, gumption, and intelligence. So we do not need to do anything for poor and lower-middle-class kids.” Facts establish that not enough resources are provided to educate these kids. In California, the same level of resources is devoted to education as are to the state prison system whose inmates are 65% individuals of color (i.e., low income, working poor, and the impoverished). The low-income communities of California need to organize themselves so as to enable the identification of, and facilitate the education and development of, their future business and social leaders. The IRS tax code needs to be reformed and updated so as to tax those who earn more than $250,000 per year to provide the revenues needed to provide for and support a highly effective education system which is available to anyone willing to learn new ideas or develop new skills. Informed and skilled workers are always in demand by industry.

Lie No. Four: “Increasing the minimum wage will result in fewer jobs. So we should not raise it “. The real public policy issue is the concept of a ‘Living wage’ being provided to any and all full time employees. Since 1975, middle class jobs have been lost when out-sourced to nations whose labor has low wages and limited benefits. Low-income folks will spend any increase in income until their essential needs are being enjoyed. A bit of discretionary income permits these folks to exercise choices when purchasing goods and services. The American consumer economy needs folks who have some money in their pockets.

Lie No. Five: America has a ‘free market economy’ wherein the competitive field’ is level”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just consider all those IRS tax loopholes, tax credits, accelerated depreciation, land-banks, etc. Corporations and the top 1% will not willingly give up all those ‘credits and exclusions’ which make up “corporate welfare”.

WHY VOTE?: The above are some reasons. The reality is that, to keep government and corporations honest, all of us need to display our collective voting power. This is especially true of the Hispanic community which must increase its participation level from 18% up to 70%+. Each Latino vote has the power of ONE. Latinos will be accepted and respected when their power is manifested by their votes. I hope you got this concept and simply go do it: PLAN TO VOTE ON PRIMARY ELECTION DAY, TUESDAY, JUNE 3, 2014.


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