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Hilbert Morales

Former President Ronald Reagan stated “Big Government is the Problem”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Right wing conservatives need to thank our national government’s Federal Reserve Bank for the 2008 bail-out of major Wall Street financial institutions, banks and the Motor Car industry. It was ‘We, the People’ who put up our good faith and credit to underwrite the trillions of dollars which held the global monetary system together, despite the high-risk practices (derivatives trading) which Wall Street financial institutions still use. The continued use of ‘derivatives’ still needs to be effectively monitored or not ‘backed up by the Federal Reserve Bank’. These corrective actions on Wall Street will not happen until effective monitoring is accomplished by ‘Big Government’ on behalf of ‘We, The People’, who usually end up footing the costs incurred. “Big Government” is not the problem. Rather, it is those individuals who seek to acquire wealth without earning it honestly. That is the problem in both commercial and governmental organizations. And corrective action is not possible without the political will of ‘We, the People” to implement effective monitoring which is not to be equated with ‘regulation’.

Big Government currently operates agencies such as the Department of Health and Human Services, Education, Labor, Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Social Security Administration, the IRS, Federal Reserve Bank, etc. A very important agency is the Office of Consumer Affairs. It is impossible to have America as a world super-power without these domestic agencies doing their jobs which support the domestic economy, its educational systems, health care systems, and infrastructural services of all kinds. It is time that the voters demand that any and all commercial firms be required to pay a fair share of taxes, and that the very wealthy also pay their fair share of taxes. Tax revenues are needed to fund the many activities which enable the domestic economy and our high national standard of living.

The ‘Great Communicator’ former President Ronald Reagan began a process of thinking which has been proven to be wrong and short sighted. Big Government is not the problem. It is individuals who are self-serving who do not promote the public good. Voters must believe that collectively America can be redirected towards doing the greatest good for the greatest number of residents.

The recent U.S. Supreme Count decision which established that corporations were ‘persons’ who spoke with their money, has resulted in a major disruption of the traditional American election system. Crude oil moguls (the billionaire Koch brothers) have strategically funded special interest lobbyists in ways that resulted in the current legislative gridlocked U.S. Congress. This nation currently has the most ineffective U.S. Congress ever because of the influence that ‘Dark Money” can buy. What is required today is a U.S. Constitutional Amendment that defines, and prohibits , the tampering of the U.S. Congressional legislative process through major contributions to election campaign funds using non-profit organizations such as “Americans For Progress”.

In addition, the U.S. Supreme Court recently gutted the essential parts of the 1964

Voting Rights legislation. This permitted very conservative state legislatures to begin limiting the voting rights of low-income folks and people of color, and the recent U.S.Census 2010 was used to gerrymander jurisdictions which diminished the voting power of these low-income communities. Since these actions are taking place at the jurisdictional levels of the States, it is very difficult to correct these actions taken by local state conservatives.

In the U.S. Congress , enough ultra-conservatives have effectively blocked this legislative arm from doing its job , which is to tend to the business of the people. It is these elected Senators and Members of the House of Representatives that need to be replaced by new elected officials who are willing to debate, negotiate, and compromise in order to process essential reform legislation. The IRS tax code needs to be updated so as to eliminate tax loopholes created when the federal government was interested in supporting economic development. Many of these ‘loopholes’ need sunset clauses. All need to be reviewed and updated.

The above presents to you the best reason to vote on Primary Election Day, Tuesday, June 3, 2014. To prevail against the well funded forces of self-interest, a very large number of registered voters must vote to recapture control of our democratic government. The billionaires do not have enough money to buy your vote. You are complicit by not voting. Plan to vote.


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