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Darcie Green

Monica Amador
El Observador

Darcie Green is a proud San Jose native and East Side resident.  Her community has always been and continues to be all the motivation needed to keep going.  Especially when times get tough and obstacles seem insurmountable.

Darcie Green serves as Vice President for the Santa Clara County Board of Education.  Darcie enjoys and is honored to serve with some of the most caring and passionate public servants on the Board.  The County Office also employs incredibly dedicated and brilliant teachers and staff.  Darcie adds, “Together, we work to make a positive impact in the lives of the most vulnerable students in our community including foster youth, students in our alternative education, migrant education, special education programs, children in our early education programs and students who are academically at risk.  It is an honor to be a part of a system that truly believes in the potential of each and every student.”
At Kaiser Permanente, Darcie is the Community & Government Relations Manager who is forging innovative partnerships and new investments with organizations serving the diverse communities of the area.  She recognizes ethnic communities as consumers and celebrates culture and identity through corporate investment.  Darcie works to ensure Kaiser’s participation in efforts to improve the health of Kaiser members and their communities they live in through policy work and collaboration with the local health sector.

Prior to entering the healthcare industry, Darcie worked as a field representative in the office of former California State Assemblyman Manny Diaz and former California State Assemblyman Joe Coto.  While working for Assemblyman Coto, Darcie addressed many public issues affecting the residents of San Jose, with a particular emphasis on providing communities access to healthy lifestyle choices and quality education.

“Being a young Latina in politics can be tough.  Sexism is ever present and the attack against women can be seen at every level of society.  Despite the political consequences that sometimes come along with being an outspoken woman in leadership,” Darcie states, “I know I must continue to push forward because our actions or inactions will shape the world we leave our sons and daughters.”  Darcie adds, “We absolutely have the power to leave our children a society that guarantees a quality public education, opportunity to earn a living wage, affordable housing, universal access to health care and a political system that is both inclusive and reflective of the people it serves.”

Darcie Green has strong roots in San Jose as her grandmother, mother, father and sister, all attended local schools.  They are her foundation and provide guidance.  “It is from them, that I learned resilience, empathy, and determination,” Darcie says.

Darcie served as a Founding Chair for the California Young Democrats Latino Caucus and received the JFK Jr. Award for Public Service from the California Democratic Party because of her accomplishments.

In 2014, Darcie was recognized for the California Latino Journal, “Spirit of Latina” Award and the People for the American Way Foundation, Young Elected Officials, “Barbara Jordan Leadership Award”.  In 2013 she was recognized in a Silicon Valley Latino Magazine, “40 Under 40 to Watch” and a Silicon Valley Business Journal “Top Women of Influence award and was inducted into the East Side Union High School District Hall of Fame. 

Darcie would like to share with our young Latino(a)s, “Do not wait to be asked to lead.  You already have the power to lead.  In the words of Abraham Lincoln, ‘Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle’. “  She adds with a smile, “Don’t believe in gatekeepers when it comes to your individual power to make a difference.  If you still feel the need to be asked to step up and lead, give me a call and I will ask you. “


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