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 Prepare for your close-up – with food like you’ve never seen it before. The Photography of Modernist Cuisine: The Exhibition, a collection of more than 75 large-format photographs of food taken by Nathan Myhrvold and his Modernist Cuisine team, will be on display at The Tech Museum of Innovation from June 25 to September 1. Admission is free.

Myhrvold is the former Microsoft chief technology officer and author of the critically acclaimed Modernist Cuisine books, which are beloved by chefs. The photographs in the exhibition illuminate the fascinating, accessible science at work every day in our kitchens. “Cooking is the only science experiment we all do on a regular basis,” Myhrvold says. “Nathan Myhrvold’s passion for food and photography are on full display in this extraordinary exhibit,” said Tech President Tim Ritchie. “He enables us to see how wonderful and beautiful food really is, and how we can use technology to prepare it in delightful ways.” “I hope that others share with us the child-like wonder and curiosity I feel when looking at these photos,” Myhrvold says. “The exhibition and book are in many ways a culmination of my lifelong interest in photography, in much the same way that Modernist Cuisine was a milestone in my interest in food.”

Visitors will see the fractal structures and mesmerizing color gradations of vitamin C crystals through research microscopes with filters that polarize light. They’ll learn about the physics that propel and explode a bursting kernel of popcorn through the lens of a high-speed video camera that slows the action by a factor of 200. This unprecedented collection of images uses these innovations and other advanced technologies – including photographic techniques like panoramic stitching, focus stacking, and microscopy – to show the world of food in an entirely new way.

The Tech is the exhibition’s second stop in a three-year worldwide tour.



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