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Recognizing the need to fight blight in unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County, the Board of Supervisors on June 24, 2014, created a Graffiti Cleanup Program with the goal of having graffiti removed within 48 hours.

The unanimous vote came during the last meeting before the July recess on a recommendation by Supervisor Dave Cortese.

At Cortese’s request, the board asked staff to set a goal of having graffiti cleaned up within 48 hours. The current rules give property owners 10 days to comply. “Ten days is a long time to keep graffiti up,” Cortese said. “We want to encourage property owners to get rid of it immediately.”The staff will also explore involving the public in volunteer graffiti cleanup efforts. While the County has worked with property owners to paint out graffiti, there hasn’t been a program or resources focused on illegal tagging since 2008.  Revising the ordinance establishes the program and makes graffiti cleanup a priority.

“Graffiti has become a big problem in some of the County pockets,” said Cortese, chair of the Housing, Land Use, Environment and Transportation Committee that approved the program proposal in May.  “Creating a program will help us enforce laws we already have and help us reach out to residents who are victims of this vandalism.”

The Graffiti Cleanup Program will be administered by the Planning and Development Department and Code Enforcement Division. Besides overseeing graffiti removal and enforcement, the program will provide education to the community about how to prevent graffiti.

For more information, call the office of Supervisor Dave Cortese at 408-299-5030.


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