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Hilbert Morales

Charles Munger, Jr., Ph.D., President, Silicon Valley Republican Party, (Santa Clara County) is a scientist (Particle Physics), graduate of U.C. Berkeley, and Director, Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC). He was La Raza Roundtable’s guest speaker.

Through his family, Munger is connected to the billion dollar wealth earned by his father as a business partner of Warren Buffet. He is married and has two children who were enrolled in public schools (Palo Alto Unified School District). Through his concern for having his kids receive the best education possible, Munger and his wife became involved in local PAUSD school affairs. This led to his becoming involved with the improvement of curriculum content, which resulted in his service at the State Board of Education’s Curriculum Commission. It was at this level that he directly observed how legislation was formulated by elected officials who were committed to their own objectives.

Charles Munger, Ph.D. also took an active interest in the correction of gerrymandered election districts. He contributed millions to the successful establishment of ‘We Draw the Lines’ Commission, which eliminated the gerrymandering which had insured that certain elected officials were almost always re-elected. Today, in all jurisdictions, an elected official faces fair and reasonable competition. Election districts are now drawn by those having no conflict of interest. In addition, in the interest of supporting the election of ‘honest candidate’, the local Republican PAC supported the election of Magdalena Carrasco, candidate, San Jose City Council District 5. Charles explained that his interests were focused upon the creation of a local ‘honest government’. The rationale was that despite being members of different parties, on occasion, when no Republican candidate is running, consideration will be given to helping elect a candidate who is ‘the best choice’. Charles said, ‘If that is the case, then we are open to having a discussion which determines what we do to support that candidate.”

“I did not come here to LRRT to explain the conservative politics of the Republican Party. You can get that perspective by listening to Republican candidates who wish to have your vote. My job is to help them get elected which involves organizing the resources they need for campaigning. That is my job. If there is no Republican candidate for a particular office, then we are open to having a discussion with others who may need support. As an outcome of such a discussion, our PÅC chose to support Magdalena Carrasco over Xavier Campos because we are interested in creating a transparent local government. Twenty-three percent (23%) of the registered voters of Santa Clara County are registered as Republicans. The County of Santa Clara has more registered voters than 13 states, which is an index of the influence it may possess in matters of public policy. Our Silicon Valley Republican Committee has 25 members. We seek to diversify our membership so as to facilitate information exchanges between liberals and conservatives. Ruben Barrales (a former Redwood City resident) is in San Diego conducting a similar effort”.
Manuel Herrera, President, ESUHSD board began the Q&A by asking about the process of moving the Republican ‘center or gravity’ back to a more moderate position. Munger responded ,“By addressing the need to elect different Republicans to replace the current ultra-conservative who need to be held responsible for their actions. Through the election process we can strive for a fiscally sane government”.

The next question had to do with ‘gun control’. Munger indicated he personally did not want a society where all carried, or possessed, a weapon. The real issue is how to create a community that is comfortable with its level of safety and security. Munger pointed out that several of the current shooting events were conducted by individuals who passed current required screenings. “It is really up to all of us to establish and practice standards of safety and security in our communities. If we live in a tough community wherein you feel safer packing a gun, then you need to be able to do that. Guns and drugs have always been available. The issue is personal responsibility. I favor gun safety training and being held responsible. I note that background checks have not been effective.”

When asked about Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Dr. Munger replied that he favors having the undocumented access to some legal status of their own choice. Some may want to become legal residents but not citizens. A path to citizenship must be established. DREAMERS must be included. The new immigration system must not re-create today’s situation 10 years from today. And the criminal element must be deported to their home country.


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