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El Observador

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It’s a little surprising to see a local indie post punk band with Latino roots in the scene, yet alone release a single in Spanish, but that’s exactly what The Trims, a homegrown San Jose band did.

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This past April, they released their first Spanish language single, “Vida.” The group has  paid homage to their roots with visuals in their music videos and by including interludes from popular Latin groups. Lead vocalist, Gabriel Maciel, said the single, exclusively in Spanish, was long overdue. Maciel has roots from Mexico, like other band members Bryan Aguirre-lead guitarist, Billy Brady-drums, while bass player Tadashi Mori has roots from El Salvador.

“I was afraid that I was going to come off sounding cheesy to a Spanish speaker,” said Maciel. Maciel said the band is testing the waters with the single to see if in the  future an entirely Spanish language record is possible.

“We played it once and it was good. Even people who didn’t understand what I was saying said ‘the music is great,’” said Maciel.

The Trims described their sound as falling into the indie, dance, post punk genre, “reminiscent of early U2, and the brit pop of the 80s-90s.” You’ll be able to detect Aguirre’s love of U2 and Maciel’s love of The Doors in their music.

With a strong local following, a rotation on Live 105.3, and their single featured on MTV’s long running show, The Real World, the band can credit its beginnings to Craigslist. After a few lineups and band changes ala ‘Destiny’s Child’, Maciel took to the internet to search for musicians and came across Aguirre’s ad searching for a singer and bass player. Through the ads, Maciel, Aguirre, and Mori came together. Maciel also recruited his longtime friend, Brady, to be the drummer temporarily. Eventually Brady did join officially, even though Maciel recalled “he didn’t like my music.” “He just kept coming to practice and eventually was in the band photos. He was already there. We already knew each other and we were already building that chemistry as a band,” said Maciel.

“On a local scene some bands try to over do it,” said Maciel.  “They’d be a lot of fluff in the songs and hardly ever a hook, so I decided that I wanted to trim all of the songs down to just the hooks, just really catchy things, and make them no more than 3 and half minutes long. The name comes from trimming the songs down, trimming all of fat out of the songs.”

When getting started, the band looked to friends to help book shows and ended up playing local venues like downtown San Jose’s little musical gem, Johnny V’s. These humble beginnings lead to bigger venues like the coveted Live 105.3’s concert BFD while hitting the 16-34 age demographics.

Currently, The Trims are working on their next EP. Their  previous EP, ‘Delete you After’ is available for listening on their website To catch them at their next show, check out their Facebook


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