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Hilbert Morales  Publisher

Hilbert Morales

It pains me to hear the misunderstanding and ignorance regarding ‘Deferred Action on Child Arrival’ (DACA), which applies to undocumented individuals who, as minors, were brought into this nation illegally by their parents. DACA is the policy which only applies to those individuals who have been in this nation for the past seven years.

Why demonstrate against those busses which were transferring illegal immigrants from overcrowded detention facilities in Texas and Arizona to a facility in Murietta, CA? These undocumented individuals were already in the custody of the Department of Homeland Security, which was attempting to relocate them to an uncrowded facility. The emotion and commotion created by those anti-illegal immigration advocates was countered by those who advocate a humane approach to resolving the decision to deport or to allow, an undocumented individual child (a minor, or mother) to stay in this nation as a refugee. Each individual case must be decided on its own merits. That is ‘due process’. There is no ‘uniform cookie cutter approach’ to this human situation.

Let’s encourage residents  especially registered voters, to redirect their frustration and anger towards the U.S. Congress which has not earned its salt lately. The U.S. Senate has passed its version of a proposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill. The House of Representatives, controlled by its Republican majority, with Speaker Boehner as its leader, has already announced that no action on Comprehensive Immigration Reform will be considered during the current U.S. Congressional session. This coming November 4, 2014 Election Day, voters need to remember that many current members of the U.S. Congress have not performed their duties lately.

It also pains me to hear the ‘blame game’ on major news networks. Until the U.S. Congress crafts the Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation (which means that both the House and Senate have agreed), then there is no bill to be presented to the President for his signature. As long as the U.S. Congress does not craft legislation on this public policy matter, the only option left is for the Obama Administration to deal with the present crisis in terms of executive orders,which comply with existing law and regulation pertaining to immigration matters. That is what President Obama, as CEO, recently announced that he would do.

Let us not forget the U.S. Congress has the power of the purse. If it does not allocate funds to underwrite administrative actions of Citizen’s & Immigration Services (CIS) sector of the Department of Homeland Security, visas will expire and/or administrative actions take many years to be done. That is one reason why there are many undocumented residents here who became discouraged with the present ineffective’system.

Has anyone calculated the waste of time, treasure and human suffering resulting from having this current ‘broken immigration system’? The Border Patrol has been augmented along the U.S. border with Mexico. This alone, has not dealt with the problem.

It is time, as a first step, to just deal with this needed ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ legislation along with enough funding to underwrite that humongous backlog of documentation. The undocumented need legal status in order to eliminate the exploitation going on now.

Many are now saying what they have been thinking for some time. Those thoughts involve the ‘not so subtle racism’, nationalism, and hatred of certain ethnic groups (usually people of color).

What is needed is to have each elected member of the U.S. Congress ask themselves if their bias, prejudice, or campaign fund donation is more important than fixing this broken immigration system. As a nation of immigrants, America must do the ethical and moral ‘right thing. Reform legislation will be imperfect at first, but it will be adjusted as it is implemented. And it must receive the monitoring required to ensure that its opponents do not hamper its implementation.

The focus this past week has been on those women and children arriving at our border without resources and documents. Coyotes are allegedly getting $5,000 per child. Who is going after these criminal human traffickers? Should we, or Mexico, or Central America countries?

During its August recess, tell your local member of congress how disappointed and frustrated you are. Their ‘posturing games’ resolve nothing. Understand that the resolution of DACA and all immigration issues (both policy and funding) begins with the U.S. Congress.Tell them you will remember when you vote this coming Election Day, Tuesday, November 4, 2014. Fulfill your responsibility with your vote then. ‘We the People’ must be heard about this and several other public policy matters.


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