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Veronica T. Avendaño

El Observador

San Jose, along with 37 million participants nationwide, will celebrate “National Night Out,” an annual crime and drug prevention event, next Tuesday evening, August 5 at more than  100 different registered city event sites.

This year’s event, sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch, and co-sponsored locally by the San Jose Police Department, will mark its 31st year celebration with more than 16 thousand communities participating nationwide.

“The idea was for neighbors to come together, turn the porch light on, lock your doors, and come out with the police department to take a stance against crime and drug activities,” said crime prevention coordinator, Mini Le. Leaving the porch light on is the event’s symbol for promoting safety.

The crime prevention unit, along with the department of Parks and Recreation, and Santa Clara county department of Health, provided event coordinator meetings to help ensure that each event site had the proper permits and guidelines. Le said that San Jose has more than 100 sites participating, but some choose not to register and remain informal since their event is not on a larger scale.

Once a list of all registered sites are complied, Le said the list is given out to multiple city departments, and public officials who wish to show support and provide outreach at the event. The list is also given to the police department for patrol.

“Since it is a crime prevention celebration, the list is for the patrol to make as many stops as they can in between their calls for service,” said Le. “Priority that evening will always go to calls for service but in between those calls for service, patrol will stop at as many sites as they can.”

Each event site will provide different activities ranging from potlucks, barbeques, craft booths, jump houses, along with community resource booths. All events sites are family friendly for all ages.

“It’s inexpensive. It’s cost effective. This is one of the best things that you could do to encourage safety in your neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors,” said Le. “The more community involvement opportunities they take, the safer our community is going to be.”

This year’s larger scale celebrations will take place at Murdock Park, Seven Trees Community Center, St. James Park, and Poco Way Community Center, Mayfair Community Center, along with many other local parks and community centers. For more information, visit:


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