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Prepare, Pre-pay for Your Trip to International Soccer Fun

Prepare, Pre-pay for Your Trip to International Soccer Fun

México takes on Chile at Levi’s Stadium on Sept. 6, and for those planning to attend, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority will get you to the stadium’s doorstep and has some helpful tips and information to make your ride smoother.

Expanded Bus and Light Rail Service Get You There Easily

✳Before the game, VTA has a few direct trains to the stadium on each light rail line. This means they stop at all stations, but do not require a transfer to a different line. The schedules are available at These trains are provided in addition to VTA’s regular Sunday service, which does require a transfer.

✳During the game, VTA has regular service, and will likely make some adjustments to be able to accommodate the crowd leaving the stadium.  Those are still being decided, so check in at on VTA’s Special Event Service page for more information closer to game day, or call VTA’s Customer Service line at (408) 321-2300.

✳After the game, VTA will run direct trains that do not require a transfer. These trains will finish running approximately one hour after the game, and they will be supplemented by bus service. After the direct trains are finished running, VTA will return to regular Sunday service.

✳VTA encourages fans to check out its Express Bus service for game days ( There are six lines that run during events expected to draw large crowds at Levi’s Stadium, and these buses provide a comfortable, direct route to the stadium. These are Express Buses and the fare is different ( for the premium service.

Express Bus service ends one hour after the end of the game, and it picks riders up where it dropped them off.

Regular Lines 55, 57 and 60 also serve the stadium, and these lines will be supplemented to improve frequency.

Purchase Round Trip Tickets Ahead of Time!

VTA has a number of ways to purchase your round trip fare, which you’ll need before you get on the platform to go home from the game:

✳Clipper Card: Load up a Clipper card to simply tap and go;

✳EventTIK: VTA’s mobile fare app, EventTIK, lets fans buy a VTA Day Pass on their phones. Day Passes are $6 and are good for unlimited rides on bus and light rail.

✳Excursion Pass: For a light rail-only trip, a $4 Excursion Pass that is good for unlimited light rail rides in an 8-hour period can be purchased at any light rail platform ticket vending machine;

✳Caltrain/VTA Pass: For those coming into town on Caltrain, a joint Caltrain/VTA pass purchased at a Caltrain ticket vending machine can make the transfer to VTA at the Mountain View station easy. The VTA portion of the pass is $6; Caltrain’s fares apply to their portion of the pass.

A Friendly Face and Helpful Information to Get You on Your Way

✳VTA will have Ambassadors throughout the system ready to answer questions and help give fans the information they need to make the ride on VTA relaxing and fun.

✳Call (408) 321-2300 for a customized trip plan or visit VTA’s Special Event Service website ( to help you learn more and plan your trip ahead of time. This site includes Express Bus and light rail schedules as well.


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