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Elizabeth Calhoon, Google Certified Teacher and Manager of Educational Technology Services for the Santa Clara County Office of Education, conducts dozens of trainings to help teachers integrate technology into their Common Core-based lessons throughout the year, including coaching around Google Apps for Education.

While many districts have embraced Google Apps in their classrooms, she noticed that no resource guide or handbook existed for teachers to reference the functional uses of these applications after they’d taken her classes.

In response to this unmet need, Calhoon and a team of Google Certified Teachers, including Kyle Brumbaugh, Robert Pronovost, Ramsey Musallam and Catlin Tucker, teamed up to author a ‘cookbook’ for Google Apps for Education, complete with all the ‘ingredients, preparations, directions and serving suggestions’ that educators would need to be successful in the classroom.

All of the lessons, or ‘recipes,’ in Creating a Google Apps Classroom: An Educator’s Cookbook are aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the National Educational Technology Standards (ISTE), and were also designed to be flexible across grade levels and content areas. “Helping teachers use powerful tools and strategies like those in my book has been my passion for many years,” said Calhoon. “I appreciate that I’m able to provide yet another resource for teachers and administrators through this book, as well as through the work I get to do here at the Santa Clara County Office of Education.”

It took about a year to write and edit the book, due to the ever-changing nature of technology and the web, while the entire process took place online, with the team utilizing Google Docs and holding meetings via Google+ Hangouts.

Creating a Google Apps Classroom: An Educator’s Cookbook was published on July 1, 2014 and is also available as an ebook.


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